It’s Caturday Night

Happy Caturday everybody! I finally managed to nab one of my favourite neighbourhood kitties for an outfit shoot one day. This kitty cat has the most gorgeous coat colour, and it looks so velvety to the touch, even though it most probably isn’t thanks to its status as a semi-permanent neighbourhood vagrant. The cats here have free reign over the estate, congregating during mealtimes when the resident cat lady makes her rounds dispensing cat food on sheets of old magazine papers.

It’s not me, I must add.

White dress and cat.

This white chiffon dress from CNDirect was such a lovely item that I actually debated the merits of finally taking photos with my favourite-coloured cat, because, you know, dirt. Cats won in the end, which was all well I suppose. Was so stoked to have two of them come investigate our little photoshoot!

White dress and cat.

CNDirect white dress, Dressin green leaf necklace, and cat.Showing off my pretty green necklace from Dressin with it’s many shades of lacquered green. It’s my newest nature-inspired statement piece.

White dress and cat.

White dress and cat.

Cat perched against a mural. Photo taken by Ottie.Photo taken by Ottie.

White dress and cat.

white menswear and cat.

Couple in white fashion style.Ottie and me. We decided to paint the town white that day.

White lace dress c/o CNDirectGreen leaf necklace c/o Dressin
Monique sneakers (platform loafers) – Spurr
Silver studded backpack – Bugis Street

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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