I Have a Hazy Recollection of You

Met Lix again last month, and we both happened to be wearing turquoise!

I think I was saying, “I’m scared I’ll die here!”

My remote is seriously dying. Actually, it’s been dying for a long time; but the thing is, I always cling onto that small hope whenever it works 20% of the time.

I was lol-ing at Lix’s face mask (Shredder from TMNT!), but the joke was on me when I read the newspapers the next day and realised that the haze levels that day were at an all-time high.

A small peek on just how high I was teetering for the shoot… Two security guards were hovering on my right. Apparently, someone from the security room spotted me doing my balancing act and called them up here to see what I was doing hovering precariously over the edge like that.

I don’t think I can ever show my face up there again…

✿ Lightning dress: Robot Ninjas
✿ Turquoise long cardigan: Far East Plaza
✿ Blue leggings (120 denier): Far East Plaza
✿ Black mary janes: Mad About Shoes

Last month aside, today was my third day at my new job! It’s really really fun and I love the people there. Too bad I’m only going to work till the first week of Jan or so before I leave for the U.S…. T^T

More info probably next time when I’m more coherent and not suffering from sleep deprivation. Heh.


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