I Creep People Out When I Sleep

Obviously I have my priorities right when I’m taking videos instead of doing more important stuff. >_>


As per description on Youtube:

Introducing the second episode of When Ren Talks About Nothing in Particular in L.A. Because She Misses Home and using Singlish in Everyday Speech Other Than Cursing.

[edit] Right after I uploaded this video, it rained for the first time since I’ve been here. KNS. Screw exploring, I’m staying indoors. OTL

[edit 2] This is the fourth time I’ve uploaded this and the audio sync is still screwy. I give up.


  • shasha

    Our dreamhost has a flash converter on its domain. Since we have a lot of space and bandwidth anws, use that! Highly recommended. I use that to upload my animation reel on my domain (:

    • shasha

      Can finally see the video! Yay for Gintama eye mask! XDDDD
      Teehee for the semi-twirls and shy gestures __<
      Explore next weekend on your own k!

      Take care <333

    • ✿ren

      HUH MAJI?!?!?! But haiz I think it’s too troublesome ley, might as well stick to youtube and endure the half-assed audio sync. It’s actually pretty amusing at first ba? Not like I’m making big-budget stuff anyway. XDD


      YAY! I hope you're wearing yours too! And srsly I wasn't trying to act cute lar, but toking in front of the cam makes me...shy. OTL
      YEA I HOPE SO! You TC too~~~~ <3

    • shasha

      Maji! Well, if you do get sick of the no-sync, it’s really simple. Upload on your space, paste the url of your vid on Dreamhost, they will email you the code to put your site. I think it’s less troublesome than uploading on Youtube. And because I don’t want people to be able to just browse it on YT, it works better for me (: Shy lah. And hahaha, yesh, it was definitely amusing but quite sad lah. I want to see a proper vid of you too! XP

      AW THANK YOU! <3 No lah, not pro. So simple-looking. Haha.

      I haven't worn mine, actually. I can totally sleep with the lights on. Maybe I'll take it on my trip to HK :DDDD Wah excited. I'll take a photo there with the mask on, just for you <3 Lol. And I know you weren't trying to act cute! And that you were shy. Seriously. Hahha. Can tell by your gestures. But I found those gestures cute, lol ;) *flirt flirt*

      Yay! <3 And thanks!

  • Everlind

    That eyemask is seriously awesome. I don’t think it’d be easy to keep it on while sleeping to begin with -at least, I am an ‘active’ sleeper, too. I toss and turn a lot :p
    Hrm, now I seriously want to try out Gintama to see what it is all about and how the eyemask ties into it.

    Also thumbs up for the HUGE tea-cup :3

    Take care *sends positive vibes*

    • ✿ren


      Haha you too?!? XDD My bro and I used to end up waking at an exact 180 degree position from how we started off sleeping. Luckily the habit’s stopped, but sometimes I wake up when my pillow starts falling to the floor… OTL

      Yea please give Gintama some love (if you have the time of course)! It’s funny and the parodies are just great. XD

      Lazy People Rule #57: The larger the cup, the less trips to the kitchen to get some water. :P

      Thank you! *sends best wishes too*

  • Mary

    You are so cute! I hope you are enjoying LA. It’s a weird place. I love your eye mask btw.

    I used to sleep walk all the time when I was a child. I would wake up in all sorts of crazy places. My parents used to worry what would happen when I went off to school. Fortunately, I outgrew it at some point.

    • ✿ren

      Hey Mary,

      Erps late reply is late, ahaha, but thank you! :D
      Yay it’s from the crazy-awesome anime Gintama– one of the characters has an eye mask like this. I love it to bits. ♥

      Whoa you must have had amazing dreams! I heard horror stories of people jumping out of windows while sleep-walking, so I’m glad you outgrew it. o_O Have never sleepwalked before, but I remember one morning, the teddy bear that I used to sleep with was found in the living room. Apparently my brother took it with him while he went roaming in the night. :P

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