Highbrow Porcelain

Finally! I’ve been dying to post this outfit. This was what I wore to Jingna’s Angel Dreams. The dress code was black or white, and since I don’t have much of white stuff, it was black for me.

I rarely dress up like this, so I decided that I’d grace the occasion with a bit of make-up. Concealer and foundation, to be specific. And boy did that concealer work wonders! Tintin said that I didn’t look like a real human being when I was done with the makeup and coloured contacts XDD

…Well at least until trudging through Orchard Road melted all of it away :P

✿ black sleeveless dress: forever21
✿ black netted leggings: gift (Korea)
✿ black mary-jane flats: mad about shoes
✿ black scarf: free from style magazine
✿ black & grey ribbon hairclip: gift (Bangkok)
✿ camera ring: gift (Bangkok)
✿ gold clutch: free from forever21
✿ black & gold indian bangles: gift

You can see Tintin in the reflection :P

The leggings were a souvenir from Leaves when she went to Korea recently. By recently I mean two months ago. This is why I shouldn’t write posts and save them up as drafts OTL

Yuunsama was correct, I do look gaunt. I’ve been maintaining a 50-51kg weight for the whole of final year. Hopefully now that school’s out, I’d go back to my normal 53-54kg. Or maybe I just need to start exercising…

Anyway, I posted about the event this outfit was for previously. You can read more about it here.


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