High Tea at Colony

Ottie decided to give me a belated birthday treat at the Ritz Carlton Colony. This year has been pretty ridiculous in terms of schedule-clashing (in more ways than one hur hur), so I spent my birthday and most of the weekend recuperating from work-related issues. It was well-worth the wait – for $49++ per person for high tea, we got the ambience (those high domed ceilings are so pretty), the sugar-high, and even a tickling of the umami. Everything was oh-so-good.

Pictures with my new phone! Yes, it’s the explode-y one. No, I’m not that worried. Yes, I’ll go queue up to replace it when the official recall is activated. Don’t want to be bursting an artery or something trying to take selfies.

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.

Array of desserts at Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.

Special of the Day Crêpe Suzette at Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.Didn’t manage to capture the flames from our Crêpe Suzette in this snap, but apart from the pyro aesthetics, this was simply delicious. We literally cleaned out the chef’s store of crepes in 2 rounds.

Couple wefie at Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.A flute of refreshing champagne to celebrate! It came with the high tea. Coffee and tea were also available in addition to it (their Earl Grey tea was also delicious).

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.Yum.

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.The Savoury box came in a beautifully-manufactured wooden box with simple front metal clasps and an old world map soldered onto the face of the lid. Five items were nestled inside just waiting to titillate our tastebuds. It was easily the highlight of our high tea, even though my main goal was to get as much of a sugar-high as possible. Everything was good, but personally I couldn’t get enough of that Shepherd’s Pie.

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.

Ritz Carlton Colony High Tea.Got myself a scoop of Vanilla and Teh Tarik ice cream to finish off my meal. Rainbow sprinkles are mandatory. I guess my gripe about this High Tea was that the ice cream didn’t taste rich enough to me, but that could probably be due to how much sugar I’d already been ingesting prior…?

And here’s what we wore: to tell the truth, I got a little rage-y when I saw the following instructions which came with our reservation confirmation:

Dress Code: Smart Casual.
Gentlemen should be attired in knee-length bermudas or long pants with a collared shirt and covered shoes, while Ladies should be attired in a dress or a blouse with pants/skirts and dressy shoes.

Quite frankly, I don’t have a problem dressing according to the dress code with my current style, but ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to wear; I wear what I want! In all seriousness, I guess I get the idea of a dress code, especially when it pertains to places of worship and things of importance like that, and I suppose that certain establishments strive to maintain a certain look and exclusion through its clientale, but somehow the implication of being kicked out of a place just because one is not dressed according to standards (not even inappropriately) chafes just a little.

But that’s another topic to explore another day.

High Tea outfit at the Ritz Carlton: Sweet Storm dress, Ametsuchi cat scarf, Steve Madden tassel booties, Nine West hot pink satchel.Here’s a dress I rarely wear (I wore it the last time here) paired with some blind-your-eyes pink accessories! This Ametsuchi cat scarf was spotted in Zalora and I just had to get it. It is made of love and meows.

This Guy Ah high tea outfit: G2000 purple shirt, John Master reversible tie, Rad Russel Lace Up Derbies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 front-facing camera test against sunlight.The setting sun was perfect for the opportunity to test the front-facing camera against the backlight. Did not disappoint. Pretty glad I finally upgraded my phone after three years.

Mirror selfie with the Singapore Flyer in the background.Hi.

Sweet Storm dress
Ametsuchi cat scarf
Nine West satchel
Steve Madden tassel boots

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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  • Izzy

    Oh that food looked soo soo good, the dress code seems a bit ridiculous though. I went to afternoon tea in London (at a ridiculously fancy place) and they didn’t have a dress code, I’m pretty sure i was even wearing a hoodie :’) <3

    The Quirky Queer

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