Hiding Hotdogs

My brain bank has a funny way of retaining the most inane memories. I recently remembered stuff that had long become obsolete, such as the part of my early life better known as the ‘Menagerie Period’ – pets included hamsters, mice (which multiplied like crazy), various kinds of fish, dogs, terrapins, and even chicks which grew up to be roosters. If I had my way, I’d have tried to keep a horse in our apartment; falling in love with Black Beauty at the tender age of ten while not truly understanding how much space a horse took up would have totally been antithesis to the story should I somehow have been successful, now that I think about it.

Anyway, the trigger to my sudden flood of memories was the simple question of whether I was a cat or dog person. I suppose my answer at this point in time is really that I’m a reptile person…? I fell in love with how smooth a snake’s skin actually is every since I got to touch one at the Renaissance Festival a few years back! I also like chameleons. And veering off the reptilian category, I also like pigs. And cats (Sphynx cats). And dogs (Pug or Great Dane). But really, keeping pets is actually a huge responsibility, and as I get older the more I realise that it’d be cruel to keep them when no one is going to be home to take care of them most of the time – more so for exotic animals, which aren’t even allowed under conservative Singapore pet regulations.

I guess keeping pets is on hold… at least until I get my life sorted out. Also, because buying from the pet market is actually quite cruel, realistically if I ever get a pet I’d be adopting one from the local shelter and spending the first few years stretching my patience thin with the quirks that they come with thanks to the neglect and/or abuse those poor animals went through. :(

On a brighter note, here’s an outfit against some beautiful blurred foliage:

Firmoo red glasses, Zalora grey tank top, Uniqlo grey jogger pants, Taobao hotdog socks, Timberland blue chukka boots, Argentina coin necklace.

Firmoo red glasses, Zalora grey tank top, Argentina coin necklace.Can’t forget this cut-out Argentine peso I got from a craft fair in Buenos Aires!

Uniqlo grey jogger pants, Taobao hotdog socks, Timberland blue chukka bootsHiding some sexy hotdogs in my ankles.

Firmoo glasses
Zalora top
Uniqlo jogger pants
Taobao hotdog socks
Timberland boots

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


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