I’d been looking for a haversack ever since I realised that tote bags get in the way when I’m photographing stuff. But the ones with wide comfortable straps were pretty ugly, and the nicer-looking bags came with 2cm straps- definite hell on shoulders.

Had pretty much given up hope, until one day Pa and I were queuing up outside Pepper Lunch and I noticed that the two teenage boys in front of me were carrying what I was looking for. Two options were presented to me: (a) be a random creep and ask them where they got their bags, or (b) employ ninja skills to find it out by myself. Of course I chose the latter, because I’m painfully shy most of the time. But it turned out to be pretty easy to do, because once I got close enough, the brand logo was displayed right in front of me. Omg it was Zinc? I’d totally discounted that brand because I’ve outgrown their target consumer age, plus I never really liked their bags anyway. They must have upped their game.

So after our meal, we went to one of their franchise shops upstairs and this bag caught my eye even before I stepped into the shop. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Tried it on, drooled over its texture, and bought it. Yay!

TL;DR, I finally got the bag I’ve been looking for. Yehz!

✿ lightning dress: robot ninjas
✿ orange cardigan: mango
✿ black leggings: online
✿ black flats: cotton on
✿ brown haversack: zinc

Hand-sewed a piece of my favourite cloth over the logo, because even though that logo was subtle and quite pretty because of the embedding, I still don’t really like rubbing brand names into people’s faces. Pretty hypocritical, since the only reason I got this bag was because I saw the logo on someone else s’.

Also, stitching was pretty crooked because I was watching Terminator 3 on TV and laughing at the penultimate scene XDD

Being morose because it was drizzling and I couldn’t take photos at one of my favourite haunts in school.

A lot of people have complimented and fondled this bag! Thank you, I love it too XDD

But I am keeping an eye on people who have announced outright that they will steal this bag away from me. I am terribly flattered, but I am watching you! XDD


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