HARD Fest 2013





f539981290UO crop top + F21 lace top & shorts + Target cardigan + Dr. Martens boots

Fab had tickets for HARD Fest this year (via Fitz, who was cool enoigh to pick them up despite not attending), so I was very excited to be going again. I’d previously gone two years ago, which was when I discovered that I love raves. Not to mention that Duck Sauce was in the lineup again, which I was very much looking forward to ever since I totally rocked out at their last performance.

I decided to forgo a bag, and attached my keys to a carabiner which I hooked onto one of my belt loops for extra safety.  Also, since I decided to try to wear for at least a week, the pretty friendship bracelet that Ela had made for everyone before she left for New York, why not accompany it with some hairbands and the key bracelet that Evy had given me in one of her awesome packages. A cardigan for warmth when the sun set, a pair of comfy Docs, plus some cash and cards in my pocket, and I was good to go.

I even managed to squeeze a muesli bar in my pocket, but security found it on the second checkpoint, and I had to finish it up before entering the grounds proper. They were really nice about it though. In fact, I recently found out that someone died of an overdose on the day that I went there, so I guess that it was pretty understandable why they were so stringent about pre-entry checks. In fact, I even had a bit of trouble with the first checkpoint, because I didn’t have my passport with me, so I got interrogated for a few minutes before the security guy I was referred to gave up and let me off with a warning. If only they had the special UV light to check that my Singapore ID was legit… I don’t recall checks being that stringent two years ago.

But anyway phone pictures, because if I wasn’t crazy enough to risk my passport, I sure wasn’t going to do the same for my camera:




IMG_4850_1These posts were all over the grounds, showing a map of the grounds and the various stages, in addition to a schedule of the set times.

IMG_4856_1Free mini Twix! They were such a lifesaver from when I needed some sugar after all that jumping around. Also, I don’t think either side had a difference…?

IMG_4859_1Guy in a cheetah one-piece in front of the dome that housed Sharpie Neons.


IMG_4862_1Someone had drawn a Finn, so I added on to it by drawing a speech bubble where he said “Yar”, right next to my merbear (via).


IMG_4870_1Got myself a cup of exorbitantly-priced $9 Stella Artois.




IMG_4874_1At the stage where Alvin Risk was playing. It was good. I was also right at the front, so it was, in fact, deafeningly awesome.

IMG_4877_1Trying to take a picture of myself when the guy I was next to decided to get in the picture too. We had previously shared a conspiratory understanding when we kicked empty water bottles away from our area to dance better. When he left halfway through Alvin Risk’s set, he shouted in my ear that I was great and gave me a beaded bracelet off his arm. Such a great transient stranger, especially considering how he never once tried to get into my personal space when we were dancing.

It was a little weird and surprising too, that another stranger (a cutie in a blue dress) came up from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a big hug, shouting that I was awesome before leaving.

I’m really curious to know just how crazy I flail about at raves now.

IMG_4882_1I met up with Jsu and a bunch of his friends, Tiff, DT, B, and even met Chongbomb in person! (I looped his Lookbook Party mix for a week). They were all really cool people. DT had on this pair of trippy polarised glasses that fractalised the lights, and this was the image of a stage we were at after I paired it with a pair of shutter shades I found on the ground (Sharpie had given them out for people to colour on them with neon Sharpies I think).

IMG_4884_1The Hard Fest pass. Tickets were about a $100, and I only went for Saturday (I jumped so hard and so much that my right knee was threatening to pop for the first time in my life), so I sold it to DT’s friend for $50 for Sunday. So sweet.

f540439018Haul of the day- shutter shades, bracelet from the friendly stranger, and a heavy 12-bottle carton of Activate Exotic Berry water they were giving out at the exit. I was lucky enough to get one on the mad rush for those! B helped me carry it out, which was incredibly sweet, but we split ways early on, so I had to carry it by myself the rest of the way back. I suspect that most of my muscle aches the following week was due to that. XD

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