Halloween 2011

So… last week, I experienced my first ever Halloween. It was fun! Still missed people I would have loved to share it with, but I now know why it’s a favourite ‘holiday’ of almost every person I’ve met in LA. :D

Nothing much to be said, just a lot of dressing up and pictorial evidence.

Also, photos without the watermark were taken by Kaej (mostly him) and Peter:

Monday, 31st

We went to West Hollywood for the Carnaval:

Saturday, 29th

I donned my brand new bubble gum-smelling wig (courtesy of the lovely Krista from Miss Violet Lace), went to Jen’s halloween party, got smashed from Jungle Juice (with eyeballs!), met some Asian friends, made a fool out of myself, and got the worst hangover on Sunday. Good times that I never want to repeat again in the near future, if only in consideration for my liver. ^^;

Friday, 28th

Took some UCLA pictures with Kaej and Peter, and then to Little Tokyo for a party.

 I had the dubious honour of seeing the o-faces of my three companions at The Counter

Putting our crotches in harm’s way while posing precariously over some cool bike stands in city hall, with OccupyLA behind us. So many awesome elements in this picture I don’t even. :DD

I seem to have had this habit of late of having conversations with strangers on the bus. XDD

And some fab decorations:

They should declare Halloween a public holiday. :DDD


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