Hakone: Open Air Museum part un

Hakone Lake Hotel

It was a dark and stormy night when we reached Hakone Lake Hotel. We were supposed to have arrived earlier, but we missed the shinkansen by a few seconds (dammit!) and the next train happened to be a Kodama, which meant a longer traveling time. Woe.

I was actually really frightened when we arrived, because there weren’t any lights leading to the place, and there was a bit of a walk from the bus stop, and it was pouring. Not so heavy that we couldn’t see ahead of us, but the wind was so strong water was probably falling horizontally. Perfect settings for my fertile imagination…

Luckily, reality pales by far to the scenarios that played out in my head. We made it into the building in one piece.

Our room upon crossing the genkan. Immediately to the right was the sink and toilet. This was the only place we stayed where we had our own toilet. Bliss. Still, couldn’t come to grips with having to open the toilet door with dirty hands though.

The contour of the chairs was very comfortable.

Senpai said that this picture looked damn scary. lolololol

It was a bit funny that the yukata didn’t fit the both of us and kept opening up– me because I’m too flat, and Senpai because she’s too busty. XDD That’s our futon in the cupboard behind me btw.

We hopped down to take a bath and soak at the onsen (shiok!). The decor was pretty nice. It was really quiet in the hotel though, probably because the main recption closed at what, 8.30pm? Walking down the hallway to our rooms, we could hear a group of old people gathered in one room enjoying sake. :D

Senpai went a bit crazy at the vending machines for supper. She got some fried chicken, among others. This matcha picture was amusing. Blue matcha. Whoever’s heard of that? I’ve only seen blue dyed hair degrade into green. Never seen green pigments degrade into blue.

After that we retired to our rooms and tried the biscuit that was on the table, while we watched the first episode of a drama series starring Matsumoto Jun on television. The biscuit was made of regret. I kept fearing that I’d have a stomachache the next day. XDD

Buffet breakfast the next morning. Hooray orange juice!

We finally got a clearer look at our lodgings. Also, it was so foggy that we totally missed the view of Mount Fuji. :(

Expect something like this when you board a bus in Japan…

View out the bus window.

We boarded this cute little train service that runs throughout Hakone’s land tracks. There was once when we stopped and waited while the staff switched the tracks on the ground, so that we could reverse into another direction. Awesome!

Hakone Open Air Museum

We reached the Hakone Open Air Museum.

I got a discounted ticket! Apparently foreign university students are eligible for that waribiki too. Double awesome!

Yuunsama would probably recognise this statue from the one in Soka University when we visited five years ago. XDD

It looks perfect from this angle. Also, omg musculature. *_*

Even the cafe is built interestingly.

Senpai and I seem to have amazing luck with running into Japanese students…

Powerful Mass by Andou Izumi

Never Ending Dialogue by Shingu Susumu.

Unidos by Santiago de Santiago Hernández.

Girl with Cock by Hongo Shin.

Group in Front of the Sea by Francisco Zuniga.

Young Woman by Sato Churyo.

I rested here for a while.

This fish repeatedly rubbed itself against the sculpture. Do fishes itch?

Blue eyes!

They’re quite huge. Nom nom nom.

Eleven-headed Kannon by Mokujiki.

Don’t think this was part of the exhibit… Couldn’t find a plaque, for one thing.

Part two next, and a lot more sculptures ahead. There really were a lot in the museum, but I only took photos of those that interested me. Which was still quite a fair bit, so.


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