Hakone: Open Air Museum part deux

A continuation of the previous post were we visited the Hakone Open Air Museum:

✿ lightning dress: robot ninjas
✿ grey oversized men’s pullover: club marc
✿ black ribbon netted leggings: topshop
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi
✿ camel haversack: zinc

I love when sculptures merge with the utilitarian. I wonder if someone would try rock-climbing someday.

My pony looks weird!

These are what real ponies look like. :P

Holding, Kneeling, Protecting by Glynn Williams.

I didn’t go underground, curious as I was. Going into a cramped, dark place with no perceptible exits by myself goes against my need for self-preservation.

Perhaps I’m being a little too subtle when I figured that egg -> life -> assume fetal position…

Senpai told me to pretend that I was going to crush the egg yolk, and it turns out this photo looks better than my fetal idea. XDD

Ricordo by Giuliano Vangi.

An overview of a part of the place.

This was where I camped for a long while to take the reflection shots in the previous post.

Intersecting Space Construction by Ryoji Goto.

I think I’ve already established that I possess the mentality of a nine year-old…

Grande Racconto by Giuliano Vangi.

It’s friggin marble!

We weren’t allowed to take photographs inside the Picasso museum, which was a pity, because there were so many plates and pencil sketches that were pretty intriguing.

A statue outside the Picasso museum.

Maniacal gleam inside the elevator.

I entered the maze! It was pretty fun, since Senpai called out instructions from above. I kinda felt like a battle doll from Angelic Layer. XDD

View from inside the maze.

Where’s Miffy?

The souvenir shop at the Hakone Open Air Museum was chock-ful of pretty things. *_*

After that we left in search of midday grub:

We had soba:

These two guys came from the onsen ryokan next door, which probably accounted for the yukata. There was a group of them, but the rest wandered further down the road for other snacks.

My no-meat-soba. I regretted being a cheapo then…

Hakone also sports a Little Prince museum! It was amazing because the rage about the book seemed to be about a decade ago, and apparently it’s still going strong in Japan. I still remember teasing Ade because she’s only recently read the book. XDDD

I keep finding Japanese translations of titles interesting. In here, the little prince is called “prince of the stars”.

I also saw a poster for How to Train Your Dragon, and the Japanese title was Hicc & Tooth. I like the how straightforward the title is, but changing Toothless’s name into Tooth does make a bit of a difference…

Well anyway, we didn’t enter the museum, because we had a bus to catch in order to go to Tokyo. The closing times in Hakone are scarily early. Most places seemed to close at 6.30pm, and since we’d spent so much time at the Hakone Open Air Museum, we were left with a scant fifteen minutes if we wanted to enter any other place of interest. :(


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