Gripe Haul: May 2016

I tend to portray a more sanitised version of myself on my blog and when I’m outside. It’s funny how I spent so many years of my life honing my ability to compartmentalise, and now I’m trying to tear these walls down bit by bit because… I don’t even know why. Adulting is hard and confusing, yanno.

Anyway Ottie, one of those few people I’m truly comfortable to be around with, has been bearing the brunt of all my candid observations and swearing this month. I’m pretty sure that he was sick of my ranting and suggested that I sum up my grievances in a blog post. I thought it was a pretty good idea (it’s been so long since I last ranted on my blog), so here is the inaugural Gripe Haul. Let’s just hope that I don’t do this too often, cathartic as it may be.

Almost Human

I decided to re-watch Almost Human early this month. Detective shows and robots are some of my favourite things, and Almost Human melds the two together so seamlessly and with such great CGI and acting chops that when I searched for details on season 2, I found out that it was not meant to be. Cue dismay and existential woes, to which Ottie told me that I knew that this was a cancelled show when we watched it together last year. Really? So I went back to twitter to unearth whatever I must have ranted about this amazingly underrated futuristic series. I did know about it last year. Damn.

I blame my sad excuse of a memory. On the other hand, re-watching or re-reading stuff tends to be a new experience for me, since I forget so easily.

Still, dammit Fox.


Savour Gourmet Experience Pack

I found out about Savour Gourmet a while ago and decided to check it out with Ottie. It’s a gourmet food festival held at the Bayfront Avenue, and the Experience Pack was selling for $30 per person. The pack included an exclusive dish by 3 Michelin Starred Chef Alvin Leung’s Signature Molecular Xiao Long Bao, a Jasons exclusive Iberico Char Siew Steak, $12 worth of Restaurant Vouchers, and a limited edition SAVOUR goodie bag. The rundown:

Molecular Xiao Long Baos at Savour Gourmet 2016.The molecular Xiao Long Bao came in a spoon, so we downed it in one shot. It was an interesting experience, although I was honestly hoping that we’d do that one Simpsons episode in ‘The Food Wife‘ where Marge and the kids became food bloggers and ate molecular food through test tubes.

Char Siew Steak at Savour Gourmet 2016.This was a disappointment – the Char Siew Steak was cold and unceremoniously pre-packed on top of some salad. For a $20 value I was not impressed at all.

Tentages at Savour Gourmet 2016.It was also very hot outside with not enough shade. Whatever shade was already taken up by other people or those who were reserving the seats for their friends. A lot of people decided to seek shelter in the air-conditioned Jasons Gourmet Market, but that too was packed with people shucking oysters (If only we weren’t filled up with Char Siew Steak). Even the table that we shared with another couple got filled up really quickly because they eventually took up the entire surface of the standing table with two huge plates. At one point, the air-conditioned tent reached full capacity so security denied entrance to sweaty people until existing patrons exited. We died.

Wagyu Striploin at Savour Gourmet 2016.This Wagyu Striploin we got with our $12 vouchers was not bad though! It’s such a pity that all of the utensils were disposable. At least these were biodegradable.

Delicacy Tacos at Savour Gourmet 2016.Used up the remaining $12 vouchers on tacos, $6 per taco.

Animated gif of Ottie & Ren at Savour Gourmet 2016. Animated gif of Antipasti Assortment being arranged by masterchef at Savour Gourmet 2016.At least the pack included a cup of Badoit sparkling water each to quench our thirst. Our favourite part of the event was actually inside Jasons Gourmet Market. Ottie stumbled upon this master chef’s Antipasti platter booth. The chef took the time to explain each olive and its origins to us and even offered so many samples – we even got to sample a truffle-soaked olive from a delivery which just arrived! For $14, he customised a plate, incorporating some of our choices and more.

Antipasti Assortment at Savour Gourmet 2016.We enjoyed this very much. Unfortunately, our Experience Pack vouchers did not cover anything in Jasons Gourmet Market.

Our verdict: Savour Gourmet is an event worth going to, but it needs to accommodate more seated areas and shade in our regular Singaporean 32°C afternoons. Ottie and I were so drained from the heat that we stayed for the minimum amount of time needed to use our coupons before heading back into more reasonable temperatures inside the shopping malls. Don’t bother buying the Experience Pack – the vouchers could not be used for any stall inside Jasons Gourmet Market – it was only eligible for the outside tents. And frankly, we were pretty much only interested in food inside Jasons Gourmet Market. If we go next time, we’ll just walk straight in without buying the pack.


Super Japan Matsuri

I decided not to dress in my yukata for Super Japan Matsuri because I did some research and realised that it wasn’t worth having to wash an entire load just for $2 worth of game tickets. Turned out to be a good call when I joined the throng of confused people inside the Esplanade and herded back out to the outdoor event, which consisted of a handful of small white tents and massive queues. The bunch of us, like so many other like-minded people, ended up having dinner at the nearby malls instead of queueing up for sold-out takoyaki or ramen.

At least we had fun reading out the creative comments left behind by some of the more vocal disgruntled customers, and generally catching up on life.

This was my night on Snapchat:

Girls in Summer Yukata at Natsu Matsuri 2007Photo by Yuunsama.
But here’s Yuunsama, me, and Kooling in our yukata at what I think was Natsu Matsuri way back in 2007. Don’t mind me I ain’t gonna wait for no camera there’s an ice cream in need of rescuing here. Also, it was the general consensus of the table that this was my ah lian phase when I showed them the set of photos featuring my dyed hair and attitude.


Castle (Spoilers)

TV series Castle (I mentioned already how I’m a sucker for detective shows) took the icing on the cake when I watched what was a season finale which got so scattered that I spent the better half of the day muttering about how stupid it was to a bemused Ottie.

Here’s the ending clip, after they solved Locksat (an overarching plot I didn’t particularly care for over the later seasons):

What is this bullshit?! I found myself fervently hoping that the last 30 seconds or so was channeling that of Jeux d’enfants (Love Me If You Dare), but no, there was this ‘seven years later’ lower thirds, making it totally canon.

I had to comment.

I later found out that the show got cancelled instead of renewing for a ninth season, and that the ‘seven years later’ bullshit was to make the fans happy. Well, I can’t say I’m a fan of shows – more like completionist consumer – but I am a fan of good stories, and that was not a good story. I’d rather have had the series end on a cliffhanger with the both of them potential chalklines for their team. Then again, I’m comfortable with unhappy endings if it means that the story is good.  I ended up being so affected by such nonsense that I started re-watching Futurama to cheer me up –  yet another cancelled show. The irony.

I guess that’s it for my first Gripe Haul for this month. I’m generally pretty amiable, really.

Ending off my griping on a positive note, here’s what I wore for Super Japan Matsuri. Very gratuitous. Much jumping. So happy:

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

japan yukata kimono inspired casual pants style summer outfit.

Dresslink crop top & kimono cardigan
GU pants
Taobao hotdog socks
Zalora patent shoes

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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