Green Tea & Milkshakes

Yesterday, Aidan, Shasha and I went to attend a tea ceremony and a lecture by Genshitsu Sen, Japanese Chado Urasenke Grand Master XV.

First, the tea ceremony! We were given cute little origami boxes containing sweets at the entrance. We were supposed to eat them before drinking the tea to balance out the bitterness.

Three cubes of jelly coated in a thin layer of fantastically crispy sugar malt, and a biscuit at the bottom.

Shasha’s and my bowl! So pretty.

Some bits of froth leftover ^^; The bowl was really nice, especially when I was drinking the tea and saw flowers appear in front of my eyes XDD

After that, we went into the auditorium for the lecture. There was about an hour and a half to spare, so we spent the time chatting and going to the stage to take pictures of the demonstration set-up. DSLR time!

The friendly staff educated us about the set-up. The pot on the right is supposed to be heated on charcoal, but for demonstration purposes, it’s electric this time. Also, the alcove (background) is a very important place in the room. The hanging scroll shows the kanji å’Œ, which means harmony.

The director of Japan Creative center came up to give a short speech to start off the lecture. He was the same person who gave a speech at Jingna’s exhibition too! But I can’t remember his name and couldn’t find it online… :(

Then ex-PAP Tan Boon Huat came up to give a speech. Wah I really love his voice! But the way he speaks really makes me wonder if PAP members go through some speech course. Why do they all speak in the same slow, placating way?

Then the grand master Genshitsu Sen and his translator (Maia? Maya?) took the stage. He’s really sprightly for someone so old. Ah ma is younger than him and she can’t even walk long distances anymore :(

I love how quick Maia’s mind worked. She was taking notes while Genshitsu-sama was talking, which made me think of how she could do improv (I’ve been watching too many Whose Line? episodes lol). And her accent- the way she perfectly enunciated each word was lovely (except for the word ‘guests’).

Look! Almost nearing ninety years and this man is still jumping around on stage! I am in awe. Am not so sure if the jokes about green tea giving rise to longevity are really jokes or not XDDD
Jokes aside, this was taken at the moment when Genshitsu-sama was demonstrating how ladies would tuck their silk handkerchiefs from the top of their obi. Men tuck theirs from the bottom. If you’re in western attire, tucking it into a belt would suffice. Shasha and I were wondering what you’d have to do if you were wearing a dress…

Live demonstration of the tea cermony. The host and his assistant on the right, guests on the left. One of the interesting things I gleaned from this was how guests would have to crawl through a small doorway to get into the room. According to the lecturer, this started hundreds of years ago when the tea house owner wanted to bar swords in this peaceful ceremony, so the samurai had to give their swords up at the entrance in order not to poke their guts out while crawling through the tiny space. Also, arrogant people had to submit to entering through their hands and feet, promoting equality. Uhh I’m a bit uncomfortable with the latter reasoning, but hey whatever works.

After that, Shasha brought us to Once Upon a Milkshake, upon her sister’s recommendation. I’m not too keen on milkshakes, would rather drink milk instead, so perhaps that had to do with me consistently hearing the name as What’s The Point of Milkshakes XDD

I LOVED the atmosphere in the place! All the joker colours and white white white and wood and grass and big happy fonts. So clean and pretty. The pictures for the ice cream flavors could have been better, but seriously, decor = awesome.

Shasha and Aidan got the Chocolate Truffle Castle, while I (the raging alcoholic) got the Grumbling Raisins. The both of them didn’t like theirs, I think they found that it tasted a lot like Milo, but I kinda liked mine despite it being a tad too sweet, because of the alcohol in it. It tasted like Bailey’s.

Along the way Shasha got curious about Aidan’s chinese name and he tried finding a pen to write it down on a napkin. And I was like, doesn’t your IC have your chinese name? I know mine does. Well it turned out that his doesn’t, but we got a peek at his IC photo! HOW VINTAGE DOES THIS LOOK?! It reminds me of my grandfather’s photo la! XD

My favourite photo from this place :D

Look they even have purple umbrellas! How amazingly dedicated is that, seriously.

After that it was getting dark already but we still had a little time to take photos, so I dragged them to a wall I’d been keeping in mind for some time now (outfit photo-taking hazard).

I know I’m not short, but with my 168cm (5″6) next to Aidan’s 182cm (5″11) and Shasha’s 175cm (5″9), I might as well be!

Evil scheme to appear the same height by optical illusion failed. OTL

Composition fail. But Shasha’s expression is too precious in here!

Last proper photo!

During dinner time I shared the remaining sweets from the tea ceremony with Pa and Ti.

And then I went home and had a pseudo outfit photoshoot.

Black slanted stripes leggings from Ade who came back from Korea!

Sian, I need to pack my room… It’s really a corner of organised mess, but now that I don’t have the excuse of rushing for deadlines, it’s time to organise things in a way that people can understand them. Bleh.


  • ai

    My favourite post to date! My synopsis on FB, and your full-length version here. Woots!

    Btw, I’m not 5’9″! That’s really tall. I’m between 5’7″-5’8″.

    Love the photo of your leggings against your self-portrait! <3

    Oh, just wondering… in your blog, sometimes I'm Ai, and sometimes I'm Shasha. Hahahaha. Is it because the post has Aidan's name and you wrote Shasha to prevent confusion? (:

    • ai

      Oooh, printscrn! Your readers will be so amused :D

      Eh, my phone converter different. I used another converter somewhere and it’s also different. MySpace puts it differently too. That chart you’re using is making me into an even greater giant than I already am D; Anyway, metric system rules lah. Go Brits! Lol.

      It’s Aidan’s fault! Never used to matter. Hahaha, and I doubt a guy wants to be called Ai. But yeah, Shasha’s good too, but my replies will remain as ‘ai’ hor. As long as you know~ <3 XDDDD

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