Good Things in September

I’ve been a nervous wreck since yesterday, but two things are cheering me up immensely:

+ Seeing Donnie Yen naked and trying to count his abs at the movie premiere yesterday.

+ Successfully fixing my 50mm f1.8 through a crude and brutal method, after the official service center deemed it a lost cause.

This is what used to be the two broken pieces, taken on the day (1st September) it snapped clean into two from an impact fall of a pathetic 10 centimeters:

What can I say? I needed displacement activities to relieve some tension. :D

Will probably be unavailable till tomorrow night or Sunday, depending on the results of the interview.

Prepare for success, expect the worst. It’s pretty much paranoia talking, but that’s just how I do things.

So I’d say “wish me luck,” but I don’t want to get any hopes up. T^T

[edit] I just came back! Totally bombed the first round, probably because I committed the fashion faux pas of interviews, among others. Go me. OTL

Strangely enough, I was pretty calm throughout. I didn’t even break into clammy hands syndrome, which is a hugely unusual feat. Well perhaps next time I’ll try dressing up in the proper attire and if I fail that too, then there’s probably no hope… that, or I’ll need to do a bit more research into these things. :D


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