Go fly kite la!

Not to be confused with expressing your irreconcilable differences in geography to another person.

The last time I went to Marina Barrage, they were still in the midst of building the Resort opposite. It’s been a long time.

Everyone brought food! By food, I mean yummy snacks. :DD

The sun was so hot that the Pocky that I bought melted. Wow!

Photo taken by Tintin I think. I spent most of the time running around with the camera, but he and Shasha offered to relinquish my hold on it a couple of times, stating that I didn’t have photos of myself. XDD

If you’ve noticed that I’m wearing my glasses behind my shades, it’s because I’m cool like that. :P

I.. I don’t even.

Tintin watches on as Bern roams around the place with Shasha’s kite. XD

Aidan is seriously a putri lilin! XDD

Shasha attempts to escape the Bat kite!

This is the epic adventure of Reivad’s $12.90 kite:

The splintered skeleton was reinforced with plasters. XDD

He’s super elated that it’s flying!

A few hours later, this was what remained of it. The kite had gotten entangled with another kite and fell into the construction area across the reservoir, completely irretrievable.

Bern demonstrates his 阳光男孩 (Sunshine Boy) hair!

This kite killed four strangers’ kites. It was scary. The kicker was that this was the cheapest kite…

Awesome Kites

This cobra kite was huge!

And this was the reaction when we saw it fall into the reservoir…

Cobra kite gets reeled in while another monster prepares for take-off.

Happy Birthday Hanh!

After that we all got sunburnt. :(


  • Mary

    I love kites, though it’s been a long time. The photos with the skyline in the background are very cool. And the gif of your friend trying to launch the kite made me laugh…like a Charlie Brown moment.

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