Girls’ Outing

Mum, Aunty Serene, and I took a day trip down to JB for some shopping and eating one day. The three of us had so much fun doing the weirdest things while exploring! My family is awesomesauce:

Selfie with Mum and Aunty Serene.

Selfie with Mum and Aunty Serene making funny faces.Funny faces from Mum, me, and Aunty Serene.

I spied this perfect backdrop of discarded wooden frames and had to take an ootd. I wore my thin lightning-printed dress and paired it with my versatile cardigan (because indoor temperatures are freezing cold). And then for comfort’s sake, I destroyed the black-centric outfit with my lightweight neon sneakers from Skechers. Super casual outfit for the car ride from Singapore to Malaysia.

Outfit of the day (#ootd): Robot Ninjas Lightning dress, MODA at George cardigan, Miwo taobao cat face bag, Skechers neon orange sneakers, Gap black rimmed glasses.

Also, this was inevitable:

Browsing cat food.

We later spotted this huge wall decal at a mall, which gave Mum the bright idea of pretending that we had gone on a short getaway to the beach. And then she proceeded to flip Aunty Serene’s and my hair to simulate the sea breeze as I took a selfie to send to her friends. I think I got muscle aches from laughing so hard:

Posing in front of a backdrop depicting a beach scene.In which Mum shows us how it’s done by placing her left hand just so on the background’s rock ledge.

Posing in front of a backdrop depicting a beach scene.

Posing in front of a backdrop depicting a beach scene.

It’s a little morbid but it’s times like this that I can’t help but think of the empty space that would be left when Mum passes on (ceteris paribus of course).


Dress from Robot Ninjas
Cardigan from MODA at George
Cat purse from Taobao
Sneakers from Skechers
Glasses from Gap

Photos of myself were assisted by Mum.

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