Furious Tees C-C-C-Combo!

✿ duck and cover! dinosaur tee: teefury.com
✿ cardigan, tights, skirt, jacket: forever21
✿ boots: top shoes

✿ watchmen rorschach tee: teefury.com
✿ cardigan, tights, shorts, jacket: forever21
✿ flats: small shoe shop in argentina
✿ panda hooded scarf: gift (river island)

Someone in the office has really nice handwriting. Jealous!!! *w*

✿ the walking dead tee: teefury.com
✿ floral hair clip, shorts, knit beanie, jacket: forever21
✿ tights: urban outfitters
✿ scarf: online
✿ boots: top shoes

✿ accio brains tee: teefury.com
✿ tights, shorts: forever21
✿ flats: small shoe shop in argentina
✿ pullover: old navy
✿ narwhal necklace: etsy



  • shasha

    Be a model for their tees! Hahaha (: Nice! Love them all, especially the walking dead series. And lollll to the animated gif XDDDD

  • Mary

    I just noticed your hair has gotten long. Guess it probably has been for a while, and I’m not too perceptive. ;) Love your boots and your hat! Also, I need to check out that tee shop. xo

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