Furano: Sumire Ryokan

I forgot that there’s this post before the monster pollen dump, so nope, no flowers today. There definitely is in the next post though! I’ve got the Hokkaido posts all drafted out last night. *feels accomplished*

This post is about the uber-fantastic place that we stayed at in Furano, Hokkaido. Apart from the toilets (it’s unisex and I walked in on a man pee-ing in the urinal lol) and antique computer, it is perfect. Perfect! I want to package the entire house and bring it back home with me. T^T

First, outfit shots (sans shoes) at the bedroom. You can be sure that I’ll gush about the bedroom later on.

✿ salmon shirt: handed down from tintin
✿ skirt: la foret (japan)
✿ mustard leggings: uniqlo
✿ recyclable tote bag: some store in ameyoko (japan)
✿ black rr necklace: made by ruru
✿ swatch watch: birthday gift from ade & puey

The bag was bought at Ameyoko after I realised that my haversack was too small to carry the potential amount of souvenirs back home.

The skirt was bought at the La Foret Bazaar in Tokyo too. I have a La Foret post at the end of this whole Japan Summer Trip Reportage.

Sumire Ryokan

Seriously, you’ve got to stay at Sumire Ryokan if you go to Furano.

I’ll admit, the first time I laid eyes on this delectable bedroom, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wah, princess!”. It was so pink, but somehow it didn’t get too overbearing. I liked. I also liked the beds. They were real beds. I cannot emphasize that enough. <333 And the raised settee was so comfortable….

Just recounting the bedroom and I miss the place already. T^T

You can see how comfortable I was by the way I smeared myself on the carpet. XDD

The key to the bedroom.

Okay, seriously, the following photos leave me speechless with longing and envy and general I-want-to-go-back! sentiments:

That’s Gin, the 1 year old female. The other cat is Kokko (Cocoa?), which is a 15 year old male.


The following is all the breakfasts that we had in Sumire. Waking up at 7 am has never been so worth it:

Fish roe! My favourite. <3

The first night that we were in Furano, we had our second yakiniku meal for dinner:


This place was right about next to Sumire. XD

This waiter and the other Eurasian waitress (who had a tenuous grasp of English) were pretty~ *_* But as usual I am shy when it comes to pretty people… OTL

Sneaking a peek behind the divider that separated where we were sitting and this low-seating area.

Next post, flowers. For real this time! Also, probably about 60 photos if I remember correctly.


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