I always find it amusingly endearing when people who comment “First!!!” turn out to be anything but, just like this post. Well it’s the thought that counts XDD

But anyway, I guess I should say welcome to my new blog! For those who only know me from my main blog, I actually have another blog (ren clothed.) where I pose in front of walls and take photos of my outfits without making funny faces. I’ve only mentioned about this blog to Tintin, so it’s alarming how many people stumbled upon it, the most epic discovery being my brother finding out while browsing a book at Kinokuniya in Japan.

Well, since I’ve gotten my own web space for my portfolio, I thought that hey, wouldn’t I get more mileage out of what I’m paying for by using the space for blogging as well? So here it is. I’ve also been entertaining the thought of merging the two blogs while I’m at it, because I realised that the tone that I write in is really different (because of different audiences), and switching from one voice to the other is making me fear for what’s left of my sanity. I also won’t have to make the occasional duplicate post anymore :P

TL;DR, let’s just try bringing the two blogs together since I might as well let the rest of my RL friends know about the outfit one. :P

Am still having doubts about merging these two blogs, but time will tell.

On to the outfit! This was worn for the first day of Chinese New Year (I’m that backlogged), which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this year. It seems pretty apt that this is the first (real) post :P I dressed like an ang pao (red packet).

Yellow embroidered top ✿ Forever 21
Bright red leggings (70 denier) ✿ 3Dots
Brown concealed heels ✿ MUJI
Gold 21st key necklace ✿ handed down from Mum
Red bear bag ✿ Far East

The red paper bag I’m holding contains two mandarin oranges that we have to exchange with the elders of the house we’re visiting as a Chinese New Year tradition.

Also, I waited 2 years to break out my red leggings that I bought in Kuching (Sarawak). I don’t know why.

The 21st key necklace was a gift to Mum from my grandmother, and she in turn gave it to me. I consider it an heirloom of sorts, even though it’s probably a cheap gold plated thing. The numbers 21 make up the teeth of the key. Cool right?

I admit, the U-shaped neckline and the crazy embroidery caught my attention, but it was the fastening at the back which sold the top for me ♥

The truck was blue! How could I resist taking a photo in front of it?! Helloooo colour wheel XDD

The brand of that snack is called Roller Coaster. I suppose the makers feel that it’s a good idea to snack on potato rings while traveling at an exhilarating 100km per hour…



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