Fashioned Singdashians

Deb, Jac, and I spent one Saturday in December heading down to the Lookbook + d.RA event in downtown Los Angeles. Since it was fashion-related, we decided to dress up a bit for the event. It was also the first time I wore this floral skirt I’d gotten a while back but never found an appropriate occasion to don, it being way more dressy than my usual fare.

Outfit of the day.

Close-up of geek sunglasses.

Lookbook event in downtown Los Angeles.

Deb and Jac in the area outside the Lookbook event.

Los Angeles is a haven for street art– one of the first things that I appreciated and marveled for the past two years I’ve been here. We chanced upon this beautiful canvas in the area, and I believe I’ve seen this artist’s murals in a small panel elsewhere.

Awesome, creative murals in downtown Los Angeles.

Me outside a wall of colourful murals.

Close-up of Fila Men's boots.

Jac in front of a wall of colourful murals.

Deb, me, and Jac.

Here’s a video of the three of us talking on our way to the American Apparel Warehouse downtown, a temporary divergence en route to Fitz’s place for a party. Deb borrowed my camera to record her video log– I don’t even know how much of my soul she has in her phone during the five months I’ve known her. XD I also made two mistakes in the subtitling, and corrected them with annotations!


Uniqlo bra-top
Dollhouse jacket
Forever21 floral skirt
Urban Outfitters knit tights
T-shirt & Jeans bag
Fila boots

Credits to Deb for my outfit photos!


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