Evening Mist

I still remember that the air-con in school was so cold that when I took the camera out for this outfit shoot, I had to first walk around aimlessly while waiting for the lens to return to normal. But I did capture a few misty scenes because of the fogged lens!

✿ yellow embroidered halter top: forever21
✿ dark grey lace-trimmed cardigan: Japan
✿ dark blue skinny jeans: Japan
✿ brown mary-jane flats: gift (trendyzone)
✿ orange buddhist rosary: mum’s

This is me telling Pa to stop whining about me perpetually taking photos in front of walls, and to just press the shutter already hahaha! He is the noisiest human tripod I’ve ever had :P

Pa is severely allergic to having his pictures show up on the internet, but I suppose this foggy view of his back should be fine :P

In fact, I’m not sure if he even knows that I have a blog. He’d probably have a coronary if he finds out just how many photos of myself I’m posting up here >_<

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