Displacement Activities

I wouldn’t be talking to my computer if I had Jesca to talk to. :(
In fact, I wouldn’t even be snacking at all. :((


And some nonsense I did a month back to make Shasha jealous:


Today, I forgot about my cup of hot chocolate while working. When I finally remembered about it and took a sip, it was the sensory equivalent of iced milo back in Singapore. OTL

A month more before I embrace the sun on the earth’s equator!


  • shasha

    レンちゃんがきらい!*bishbish* Saw the screenshot of the video (OMG, ONE PIECE and what’s with that smirk!?), and saw the sentence “And some nonsense I did a month back to make Shasha jealous” ( =___= ) ACE CARD!!!! <3 Hahaha.

    Yay! You're coming back soon! Not for very long but I'm glad it's soon! XDDD
    We have stuff exchanging to do! :D

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