Curios: Cotton On Body, 1028 Visual Therapy, South African Noms

I discovered a few photos that didn’t belong anywhere in my folders, so I thought, why not put them all together and talk about something other than a style post? Always nice to take a break from the monotony of outfit posts.

These are some of the things that made me happy enough to whip out my camera and perform a happy photo dance recently:

Cotton On Body comfortable sexy underwear
Cotton On Body

Pretty undies galore! They’re an underrated essential in any wardrobe, and I’m not just talking about pretty prints being hidden underneath layers of clothing (unless of course a gust of wind comes along). Frankly, I never realised that picking the right kind of underwear was so crucial to comfort and form until only a few years ago in LA, when I was introduced to a plethora of thin and comfy underwear options on Forever 21 (let me just blame Jesca again for the online retail addiction).

Well, it’s been a few years now, so I recently found the need to replenish some of my essentials since my favourites are starting to lose their elasticity. Plus I left one of my favourite pairs of boyshorts back in South Africa, which mortifyingly, Ant discovered – this is what I get for attempting to live out of a room instead of a suitcase when traveling.

Anyway, thanks to old and missing undies, I needed new ones. Cotton On Body recently launched a new collection featuring colourful sports wear and the cutest loungewear sets, but what appealed to me was the selection of the silkiest undies undergoing a promotion. Lucky! I grabbed some VPL ones and threw in some thongs to see if the ensuing discomfort would be worth the style factor. The verdict’s still out on that front. But hey, click on the link above to head to their newest online space in Zalora if you’re an online shopper like me!

Cotton On Body underwear: SGD $11.95 each / SGD $35 for 5 pieces

1028 macaron eyeshadow palette, 1028 black eyeliner, iLuv hot pink earphones.

1028 macaron eyeshadow palette, 1028 black eyeliner, iLuv hot pink earphones.
1028 Visual Therapy

I was lured by the yummy case one day at Watsons and simply couldn’t resist 😂 1028 Visual Therapy is a Taiwanese brand that apparently set up their branches here in Singapore a few years back with some irresistible packaging, as evident from my purchases of these Macaron Eyeshadow Kit, Magic Black Eyeliner, and Infinity Black Eyeliner.

I loved that the eyeshadow kit also came with a mini brush! I don’t care much for sponge spools, so this mini brush was perfect for taking with me on trips. On a more superficial level, I was pretty disappointed that the eyeliner didn’t have the cat motifs on the pen barrel, because the cats were a large part of why I got it. I have to say though, these waterproof eyeliners are really good at staying on thick. Still a good buy despite the lack of felines.

I’ve also got replacement earphones from iLuv, a brand that’s cheap and pretty decent in the bass department. I’ve realised lately my tendency to acquire items in hot pink, perhaps due to the ease of grabbing at the eye-catching colour in the dark depths of my bag.

1028 Macaron Eyeshadow Kit: SGD $28.90
1028 Magic Black Eyeliner: SGD $19.90
1028 Infinity Black Eyeliner: SGD $19.90
iLuv earphones: SGD $9.90

Nomstopbakery chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve not been updating this account for a while now, thanks to no longer living a mere ten-minute walk away from the baked goodness that emerges from the heavenly kitchen of Aunty Serene. But Brat #1 dropped by one day to deposit a whole tin of chocolate chip cookies one day. Guess who subsequently turned into a Gollum perfectly reasonable and sharing individual. Om nom nom! 💙

Check out the collection of photos I took of all the goodies I’ve had the pleasure of ingesting so far @nomstopbakery!

Chocolate chip cookies: Free

African Animal Droppings from South Africa, New pupuren.com blog look, dark chocolate M&Ms, Gypsophila (baby's breath) in alcohol bottles.

African Animal Droppings from South Africa, New pupuren.com blog look, dark chocolate M&Ms, Gypsophila (baby's breath) in alcohol bottles.
Desktop Goodies

Some of what’s been making me happy lately resides on my desk. I took the plunge into buying fresh flowers ever since I spaced out on a bus trip home and missed my stop, landing in a stretch of flower farms in central Singapore.

I left the place in search of the nearest train station clutching at a 1-metre bunch of Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) & a lovely gathering of Paranomus. At least I now have some use for all the pretty bottles I’ve had lying around.

I also unearthed some goodies I bought at the airport in South Africa! Mostly snacks to be dispersed as souvenirs and which I’ll never have the fortune to taste because I didn’t buy enough. Except for the Dark Chocolate M&Ms. They’re mine. And they were yummy. Mmm. Anyway, these snacks literally got forgotten in a sad, lonely corner of the room after a whirlwind of events upon returning home that I’ve only now uncovered their whereabouts. In fact, it’s been two months already and I still don’t know where some of my travel clothes are…

Also, my new look for the blog! Am loving how much cleaner this little space of mine is now. ♥

Gypsophila: SGD $16.40
Paranomus: SGD $9.50
M&M Dark Chocolate: ZAR R29 (SGD $2.90)

Wow this was a lengthy post, but it made me somewhat happy writing about it and reliving the moment I discovered these pretties. Perhaps I should do this more often. 😄

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