Cliff Diving at Malibu Creek

Liz dropped by for a week, and she took up Ela’s suggestion of cliff-diving down at the Malibu Creek State Park one day. None of us had been cliff-diving there before (Ela knew about it from her siblings), so it was an eye-opener (and a heart-stopper) for everyone.

Group photo hiking at Malibu Creek.Everyone defined as the set of: Ela, Ssen, Lilli, me, and Liz.
Photo from Liz.

Applying sunblock before the hike at Malibu Creek.First, the obligatory slathering of sunscreen to prepare for our mile hike to the lake. Ela got artistic with applying Ssen’s back here.

Girls avoiding the sun on the hike at Malibu Creek.This was basically what the troop looked like for the half hour trek. Liz apparently looked really out of place carrying a UV-repellant umbrella, which I realised was a sight far too uncommon in LA compared to in Asia. I could still hear Ade’s admonishments about the importance of protecting my skin so many years ago, back when I was too lazy to even bother putting on sunscreen, on how absolutely imperative it was to shield myself from the sun with an umbrella when they teased Liz. What a total opposite. And then Lilli and Ssen literally walked everywhere with their towels on their heads. It was amusing.

View Along the Hike Trail

View on the hike at Malibu Creek.

View of the mountains on the hike at Malibu Creek.

View of the mountains on the hike at Malibu Creek.

View of the mountains on the hike at Malibu Creek.Yup that’s the moon. I’ll never get tired of seeing it in broad daylight in places that do not reside near the equator.

Hiking trail at Malibu Creek.Such pretty shadows. I love gnarly trees.

Malibu Creek.The cliff! Or rock, in fact. We had hyped it up, scaring ourselves at how high it was going to be on our way to the lake, until we saw it and thought, ‘hey, that’s not too bad’. And then we stood on top of the rock and swiftly changed our minds. I was actually not afraid at all until just before my turn to jump, and then I looked down and was like, shit.

By the way, that’s a fresh water lake, which means that it was mossy and stank. It also had an incredibly surprising incline into nothingness, which I just had to test by stopping my water-trekking in the middle of it, promptly leading my descent into the Deep and Dark like an anchor. I drank a little bit of fresh water coming back up.

Dog at Malibu Creek.

Ren jumping off the cliff at Malibu Creek.Here is a picture of me jumping off the cliff while Lilli and Liz waited their turn. It was so embarrassing because I was the only one who screamed- I went from ‘Woo’ in excitement, to ‘Argh’ in terror half a second later, which ended up sounding like a strangled ‘Wooargh!’, right before I hit the water and got a wedgie at the bottom of the lake. No one else during our stay at the creek made a sound when they dove. Not even Lilli and Liz, who were way more terrified than I was. What, guys, what. OTL
Photo from Liz, taken by Ela.


We stopped by this awesome gelato place, Grom, for something sweet. It was expensive ($5+ for a cup which includes two flavours), but damn was it worth every cent:

Grom ice cream gelato at Malibu.That’s the moon again, although I really wanted to take a picture of that redhead chilling at Grom. They’re kinda my favourite kind of people.

Grom ice cream gelato at Malibu.Got myself a Crema Di Grom and super dark chocolate flavour. The chocolate was so thick it would have made Ade nosebleed on the spot. Also, the Crema Di Grom was heavenly. I don’t even know what it’s made of, but I would finish a tub of that flavour on the spot- it was that good.

Ela and Ssen eating Grom gelato at Malibu.Ela and Ssen enjoying their Grom gelato.

Cholada Thai Cuisine

We had dinner by the beach. Ssen, the resident vegetarian, recommended Cholada Thai Cuisine for dinner, and it lived up to her hype. The portions there were huge too!

Facade of Cholada Thai Cuisine by Malibu Beach.

Cholada Thai Cuisine at Malibu Beach.

Cholada Thai Cuisine at Malibu Beach.

Menu at Cholada Thai Cuisine by Malibu beach.I liked how cute their menu items were illustrated.

Tofu and mushroom vegetarian Tom Kha soup pot at Cholada Thai Cuisine by Malibu beach.I decided to go vegetarian dinner with my Tofu Tom Kha. It was delicious, though it might be my bias towards Tom Kha in general. That’s Liz’s seafood Tom Yum soup in the background.

View of houses at Malibu.I am in love with the view of houses on hills.

A picture of myself via mirror while cruising down Malibu beach.

Group wacky photo at Malibu Beach.We had to take a photo by Malibu.
Photo from Liz.

View of twilight at Malibu beach.The moon again, with a view of the ocean at Malibu.

I’m back home in Singapore and I actually prefer looking at the moon from here. My room window offers a beautiful view of the moon’s descent back down towards the horizon, which I actually see sometimes when I stay up way late into the night (it’s now four in the morning). Right now, it is a crescent like a smile. A few days ago, it was a lovely shade of orange. I have missed the view from my room.

(Of course, ‘right now’ isn’t actually right now, since I scheduled this post to be published in another seven hours at eleven.)

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