moving pictures.


    Cats’ Safari at Sunny Hills

    I spent one Saturday immersed in some furry therapy at Cats’ Safari with Ottie and some cool colleagues at the end of last year. Cats’ Safari features pedigree rescue kitties being cared for by the owners and volunteers. It opens to the public on weekends for only $5, and provides private therapy sessions to people who need it over the weekdays (e.g. abused children, special needs). It’s a humanitarian take on the popular cat cafes, and that’s what makes it super cool. I love this wall. Here’s Ottie wearing the socks we got for $5 upon entry. I fell in love with this particular grey kitty, and still can’t stop thinking about…


    The Script @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

    The Script stopped over for a performance recently! I don’t go to concerts often, but I saw them perform in Hollywood with Jesca back in 2011. This time was another one of those times with Shasha and Sal. I’d fallen in love with their latest album, No Sound Without Silence, and wanted to experience going to a concert in Singapore. It all worked out. My outfit was pretty basic for the concert. I try not to carry bags with me for such events, too cumbersome for all the potential jostling and jumping around at the mosh pit. Similar to my getup for Hard Fest, all I needed were the necessary…


    Black & White Forever

    The last of my collaboration with We Love Colors is here, featuring another pair of thigh high stockings in black and white stripes. Being in a monochromatic mood lately, this was perfect for the outfit I wore out to town one day. I’ve mentioned it before in my previous post, but these stockings are way more comfortable than any thigh high socks I own. They don’t pinch my thighs as much for one, and I don’t have to worry about constantly pulling them up. In fact, I may very well be replacing my current striped socks with these! One half of my Little Red Riding Hood set of rings. I…