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    Gripe Haul: May 2016

    I tend to portray a more sanitised version of myself on my blog and when I’m outside. It’s funny how I spent so many years of my life honing my ability to compartmentalise, and now I’m trying to tear these walls down bit by bit because… I don’t even know why. Adulting is hard and confusing, yanno. Anyway Ottie, one of those few people I’m truly comfortable to be around with, has been bearing the brunt of all my candid observations and swearing this month. I’m pretty sure that he was sick of my ranting and suggested that I sum up my grievances in a blog post. I thought it was…


    Wildlife in South Africa

    Oh man, I’ve finally come to the conclusion of my trip to South Africa with Ottie last year! This last post took months to write, and by write, I actually mean organise-my-photos. Our last three days in South Africa were spent completely disconnected from all online activity and living on a schedule that consisted of sleeping at 10pm and waking up at 5.30am. On the bright side, we were extremely lucky to spot so many animals during these three days, despite missing out on two game drives thanks to our flight schedule; Ottie had a field day listing all of them including the Big Five at Kruger National Park. Score! As for me, I…


    Our Leap Year Wedding

    We’re saying our vows this leap year if anyone is interested in hanging out with us! Also, our hashtag is #WillYouBeMySpaceLady because this seems to be a thing. Use it creativelyyyy. We’re Getting Married We Got Married Remember to say hi soon! Also, the broadcast will be recorded if you missed it out. See you! 😆 Photo assisted by Jeff (the best man).