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    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas! I had the opportunity to score a couple of festive dresses with Femme Luxe, who reached out to me recently to style some dresses from their collection. To be honest, I was initially hesitant about the overtly sexy appeal of their collection and models, but hey, it was an opportunity to discover how these dresses would translate onto a frame that’s pretty much the opposite. In the spirit of experimentation, I also picked dresses that I’d normally not gravitate towards – plaid and cheetah prints, welcome to my wardrobe. I’m just very relieved that I didn’t wind up looking like I’d donned a tablecloth as I feared with plaid patterns!…


    National Gallery: Minimalism: Space. Light. Object

    I visited the latest exhibition held in a first-ever collaboration between the National Gallery and the ArtScience Museum yesterday! Minimalism: Space. Light. Object is split among two venues and will be running until mid-April 2019. I took some pictures of my favourite pieces as usual: Mega Death by Tatsuo Miyajima, 1999/2016LED, IC, electric wire & infrared sensor Mega Death is a dark room lit only by blue LED lights – numbers that count down at different rates, until suddenly the entire room plunges into darkness. The intervals are pretty long, so we were lucky to have viewed this piece at the right time to experience it! Room For One Colour…

  • Wind Walkers: Theo Jansen's Strandbeests at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

    ArtScience Museum: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

    Oh I’ve really gone and neglected this space. I originally intended to update this post on my trip, but realised that I’d forgotten to bring my reference photos, and then other things (such as sleep) soon took precedence over the blog. Oh well, I’m here and trying to pull my socks up with all the backlogged photos I’ve accumulated for the past year and change! Adele and I visited the ArtScience Museum for the magical beasts that are Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests in July. I remember learning about these fantastical wind walkers back in art school a long time ago, and was super stoked to learn that they’d made they way…