colors and middle grey.


    Winter Blooms x Banggood Coats

    I’ve been inspired to doodle in this post, thanks to my latest partnership with Banggood - that site boasts over 70,000 items! Lately, I’ve been browsing the winter section while window shopping online, thanks to my upcoming trip to Japan (it’s going to be exciting with Shasha and Ruru as my trip-mates!) Dressing for the cold is always an issue for me since I usually find myself underestimating the chill in order to look stylish, but it’s a good thing I shelled out for a very pretty knit coat from Zara a while back for my trip to South Africa. Doesn’t mean that my roving eyes can’t get more of stylish winter overlays though.…


    Flower Girl Power

    Putting together an outfit is usually a pretty straightforward task for me – it all depends on what I want to focus on on that day. This look was centred on a floral wreath I made using leftover artificial flowers and a couple of seashells at a crafty hen’s night for SJHH, where the only hanky panky we saw was the back of a hot glue gun. Don’t let anyone tell you a bachelorette party can’t be fun and productive. I’ve missed making things. By the way, here was my first floral wreath made with dried flowers at the Getty Center. Fond times! Wearing Floral head wreath – DIY Airism bratop…


    Bessie Floral Swimsuit Shapewear

    Summer is always present in equatorial Singapore, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still dress for Spring/Summer 15 with my newest love courtesy of Vedette Shapewear! This one-piece Bessie swimsuit shapewear features the cutest boyshorts cut and light boning on the sides, which enables movement without compromising on its structure, so you know, swimming is actually possible in it. But what really got me was its watercolour florals and parrot motifs. I’m such a sucker for this section of the color spectrum. Getting into this swimsuit (as with most one-piece swimsuits) proved to be a bit of a problem, since my hips are ten inches larger than my waist (I measured…