colors and middle grey.


    Giverny: Floral-inspired Beauty

    Lately, I’ve very much been into flowers – if you haven’t already caught on through my recent sketches – these colourful and somewhat alien blooms are so fascinating! I can’t wait to pay another visit to the flower farms for something to put in my bottles, although they are a little pricey… anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that Korean beauty brand Giverny incorporates flowers into some of their products. If you’re confused about the name like I was, don’t worry – I’ve looked it up; the brand took inspiration from the place of Claude Monet’s famous landscapes – it’s where the Impressionist painter lived and worked for…



    I should say by now that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve been keeping up with Zalora news – I love the affordability and fast delivery of its items, and am always checking up on their promotions. So when it was announced that City Chain Singapore boarded the online platform, I couldn’t help but feed my curiosity. I’ve also mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of watches – they were useful when I was still in school and mobile phones were only just breaking into the market, but now that everyone and their grandmas own a smartphone that does virtually everything, I find that I’d…


    Drawing Wedding Gowns From Aisle Style

    I’ve been exploring drawing small, as mentioned in my last drawing post. It’s been an enjoyable experience getting myself re-introduced to all the art supplies that had otherwise been languishing in my neglected boxes for the past few years… it’s pretty meditative work, and a break from all the digital darkroom I tend to find myself doing in my free time. Here are some studies of trending items from the Aisle Style 2016 wedding dresses collection, not just because wedding dresses are the epitome of poof and glamour and I’d like to juxtapose that with the├é┬áreduction in my renditions. Of course, I had to bring in my fresh, albeit dying,…