colors and middle grey.

  • Completed risograph zine and test prints, beer, and chips.

    Weekend Parties: BBQ & Risograph Zines

    Here’s a recap of last weekend – drawings, booze, barbeque, making zines, more booze, another barbeque, and the beautiful city lights from high up… it was pretty great. Oxwell & Co Saturday night was spent mingling at Ottie’s office get-together. I’d met some of them before, but there were new faces in other colleagues as well as their significant others. I ordered a Clover Club Street for a drink at the rooftop bar which was super pretty, what with the telephone booth, brick walls, and rows of herbs decorating the open-air area. The drink cost SGD $22 though. Ouch. The creepy but fantastic anthropomorphic portraits were very awesome. I wonder…


    Fabric Mural Launch Party

    So this thing happened over the weekend. This baby had been a source of stress and worry lately, and Ottie, bless his unfathomable patience, stuck through it with me when I became prone to sleep deprivation and subsequent short tempers – or was it the other way round? Frankly, most days leading up to the event had been one long stretch of painful consciousness. 😂🐼 The Fabric Mural Launch Party was the culmination of four monthly sessions of Embroidery Party, which were free embroidery workshops at Ang Mo Kio Public Library led by artist Izziyana Suhaimi from October 2015 to January 2016. After the sessions ended, Izzi took the task of stitching…


    Wedding Photos at Rustic Oaks

    I’ve done a couple of shoots for friends in the past – here’s one of Yuunsama & JW (who’s now a photographer in his own right!) - and while creating important memories for others can get pretty stressful, it’s also a lot of fun during the shoot. Having that kind of control over the look and feel of my photos was pretty important to me; no glossy/ethereal/romantic photos for the both of us, nuh-uh. After all, I was most excited over the taking photos aspect of my wedding than the actual getting hitched part – even Ottie knew what he got himself into. :P We were tremendously fortunate to have been able to take…