Surprise birthday cake.

Catch Up: Zalora Inspires & A Birthday

I feel like this coming out of the woodwork thing is going to be happening pretty (un)often this year. How am I still alive I’m virtually drowning in work and obligations. It’s been keeping me busy, which is good I guess? I’m the sort of person who thrives on having stuff to do. At the same time, I also want rest – gone are the days when I’d stay up for forty hours on just adrenaline. This bag of flesh has officially made it past thirty years!

Anyway, here’s something fun I attended at the end of August – Zalora Inspires was held at their headquarters downtown, and it was pretty cool to catch a glimpse of how beautiful their workspace was. I even got to talk to some interesting people! *hyperhidrosis activate*

The space at Zalora Inspires event.

Food and drinks at Zalora Inspires event.

Featured at Zalora Inspires event.Photo by Zalora.

Featured at Zalora Inspires event.

Outfit in grey and floral.

Outfit in grey and floral.

Outfit in grey and floral.I’d like to add that Ottie was the one who insisted that I wear his fedora. I actually had to agree that the hat made the finishing touch on this outfit.

Giant Scallop at Kuro Maguro, Tanjong Pagar Centre.Kuro Maguro has really great jumbo scallops. They were also open late, which was good since Ottie and I got there past the timing for last orders in most food places.

I also celebrated my 31st birthday in the beginning of September – it was also the day we celebrated Leave’s firstborn’s first month:

Celebrated getting older with Table Mountain wine and Salonpas. Celebrated baby Zac's first month.If I’d known that Leaves was going to offer us alcohol, Ottie and I wouldn’t have finished the entire bottle of wine in the wee hours of my birthday. As it was, we turned a little queasy at the beer offered because we were slightly hungover. Cute baby though! It was also great to finally catch up with old friends.

Surprise birthday cake.Eve and Leaves even banded together to surprise me with this sinfully rich chocolate birthday cake! ♥

Leisure celebration of my 31st birthday.And then I went for a swim.

It was good. 10/10 would have a lowkey birthday again.

Topshop top
Shein skirt
Velvet bag
Steve Madden boots
Dandelion fedora

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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