Candle Princess

The dress theme was monochrome and stripes when I went out with Shasha and Aidan last month.

Shasha and I ended up looking like jailbirds (We’re truely「心有灵犀一点通」! LOL), while Aidan heck cared and tried to pass his outfit off as thematically adhering. XDD

My favourite shot! I think I see a pattern here…

‘Putri lilin’ is Malay for ‘candle princess’. You know, because a princess stays indoors and has skin as fair as a white candle… XDDDD

Details of my outfit. The seizure-inducing ring was a birthday gift from Shasha, Ruru, Sal, Bix and Jo. THANKEW YOU YOU YOU AND YOU! <3

Happy Halloween for those of you who celebrate it! I’m looking forward to your costumes. =3

Meanwhile, I’ll be spending the day catching up on One Piece, among various multitasking activities. :DDD


  • Mary

    I love your outfits. And thanks for explaining putri lilin…was a little lost at first…thought it was some new thing the kids are saying these days-lol. But I think I would for sure qualify as candle princess; I’m like snow white-haha-sad but true.

    • ✿ren

      Hahaha thank you and you’re welcome! I didn’t know what ‘putri lilin’ meant too, but Shasha is a Malay and she explained the term to us. :D

      And it’s not sad! I’d love to have fair skin, but that’s kinda a rare sight (commodity?) in sunny Singapore– which is why skin-whitening products are everywhere in here. I think that the both of us were indignant that the one who had the fairest skin was a boy, which was why we kept teasing him. XDDD

  • shasha

    WOOT! Your posts are soon going to be current! And you dedicated an entire post to our Putri Lilin! Hehehehe. He’s going to be touched ;D

    Btw, seizure-inducing ring!? *dies*

    • ✿ren

      YES!!!! POSTING LIKE A MACHINE BEBEH! Then I can start posting stuff that aren’t outfits too~ XD

      I should have a flashlight ring on the other hand and start making disco ball lights. :D

    • shasha

      Hahaha. Not machine enough! Post faster! XDDDD

      Ooooh, idea! If you don’t get one by your next birthday, we’ll try creating one! :D

  • Mary

    It’s so funny that you have skin-lightening products in Singapore, and we have lots of self-tanning/bronzer products in America (people are always self-conscious about being too pale, especially in the summer). It’s all kind of ridiculous:)

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