Busan: Haeundae & Pusan University

Ren at Haeundae beach in Busan, South Korea.

Ren at Haeundae beach in Busan, South Korea.

Ren at Haeundae beach in Busan, South Korea.NA NI top + high-low skirt (from Gumi) + Accessorize socks (gifted) + H&M platform shoes + Paris Kid’s floral hairband + T-shirt & Jeans bag

Ottie and I spent half of the Chuseok holidays in Busan. It’s the first time we’ve gone to the beach together, and Ottie was so impressed by Haeundae beach that we spent two consecutive days there- it’s reputedly the most popular stretch of sand in Busan after all. While it’s a pretty short stretch compared to the never-ending shores of LA, the waves at Haeundae beach were an awful lot more fun; Ottie and I joined quite a number of people trying to catch waves while bobbing on a surprisingly flat bed a good distance from the shore.

As for the inevitable foray into food…

Thursday Party Burger & Pasta at Busan, South Korea.

Salami pizza and burger at Burger & Pasta in Busan, South Korea.Ottie was surprised to find that Thursday Party, a pretty well-known bar, had in fact a food equivalent a few spaces down called Thursday Party Burger & Pasta. Their Salami Pizza was heaven for him, and so was the gratuitous portion of burger, that Ottie insisted on having the exact same thing every time we passed by the place right by Haeundae beach. And that would be every time.

Hibiscus tea at Fuzzy Navel in Busan, South Korea.Fuzzy Navel opposite the street serves Mexican, where we had Hibiscus Tea one afternoon.

Dinner at Namaste: Taste of India in Busan, South Korea.

Dinner at Namaste: Taste of India in Busan, South Korea.

Dinner at Namaste: Taste of India in Busan, South Korea.Namaste: Taste of India, was undoubtedly the best Indian I’ve ever had in South Korea. The restaurant was spacious, yet intimate and certainly not lacking, judging by the flat screen monitor displaying a montage of famous Bollywood dance scenes, a fact that I only noticed when it started playing this sequence from 3 Idiots (a movie I’ve seen three times in the past year now). Ottie and I could not stop gushing about the food we had there during and after our meal.

Strawberry and banana crepe from La Bonne Crepe in Busan, South Korea.

Menu at La Bonne Crepe in Busan, South Korea.La Bonne Crépe is a small hole-in-a-wall, one-woman-operation, along the shopping district by Pusan University. Ottie and I would have passed it by without a second glance if not for the long queue outside. Craving for something sweet and curious as to how good these crêpes were, we took our time queueing for about half an hour for a strawberry and banana piece to share.

And some interesting things I saw in the city:

Props and wigs for purikura booths in Busan, South Korea.It’s the first time I’ve seen props for use at a Purikura booth!

UFO catcher machine and instax photos of winner in Busan, South Korea.Ottie appreciated proof of winners on Instax photos decorating the inside of the UFO catching machines to know that spending money on such wasn’t a futile act. XD

Blue Lemonade + Vodka in Busan, South Korea.

Beer advertisement with a drawing of a salaryman in Busan, South Korea.

Golden kettle as a shop decoration in Busan, South Korea.

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