Burning Man Decom 2012

This year’s Burning Man Decom at the Los Angeles State Historic Park happened shortly after I’d landed back in LA, back in October. It was the second time I attended this event, and I seem to have established a pattern of attempted drowning of lungs by itself the two times I’ve attended. Nevertheless, this time I got to have fun with Deb and Jac… Fab even generously graced us with tickets! Awesome. <3

Forever-moving-Deb, Jac, and me.

Deb on the opposite side of a mind-boggling mirror contraption.

Everyone was loaned 3D glasses before entering this art installation tent, and we soon found out why. The insides were virtually exploding with colour! It was so pretty even without the glasses, but with it, visuals were mind-tripping, especially the ceiling featured on the third photo here.

I was so excited to see a Charlie the Unicorn art car!

We stopped by the Boutique before taking this picture; you can see the result of Deb’s industrious sewing of ears to a beanie. I tied a red satiny scrap of cloth into a bow, and Jaq acquired a blue happi of badassery.

Hula-hooping break!

A group of people eagerly came over to me while brandishing a poker, “Would you like to be branded?” And I was like, “uhhh, is that hot?”  And they assured me it wasn’t, showing me the stamp ink pad they had. After I offered my back and they stamped it, they exclaimed about it working and such… this means I was the first unicorn! XD

They proceeded to brand unicorns on more people.

My mark!

So many animals this year!

Taylor, me, Jac, Jen and Deb, just before we rushed to catch the bus home.



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