Buenos Aires: Birthday 2011

Is this the first birthday I’ve spent out of the arms of family, the first birthday I’ve spent out of Singapore? I just realised that it very well may be. Not bad to turn twenty-five in such a situation I guess– quarter-life (if you’re optimistic) turning point and all. :)

If I had it my way, it’d be just another nondescript day on my birthday.

This year, I had it my way.

Sounds pretty pathetic, I know, but I think it’s a nice change of events for one. Also, I thrive on being low-profile. Doesn’t mean I won’t be glad to spend next year’s with friends and family back home though! <3

This is a time-skip from posting backlogged photos from Los Angeles, but here are pictures taken on my birthday (yesterday) while walking around Buenos Aires.

It’s not hard to see why I love this city so much:

Writings on the wall in the political center at Plaza de Mayo– Basta de Perseguir (Stop the Persecution). I still can’t help by fill in the letter ‘R’ in that space though, gutter mind and all…

En route from Plaza de Mayo to Avenida Corrientes.


For some unknown reason, my favourite picture from the day. This happens to be the only photo that was shot from the hip. XDD

For lunch, I had a slice of pizza while standing up. Guerrin was recommended by Santi, who was with me earlier in the afternoon to help me with stuff at Banco Ciudad, a national bank. Pretty nice!

And later on I spent an hour or two chillax-ing at a Havanna cafe down the avenue.

According to Santi, Avenida Corrientes is littered with pizzerias and book stores. It is my heaven. I’ve bought nine books at the bookstores within two days, and that’s with the restraint I thought I’ve had ever since learning my lesson about not buying books while overseas, because bringing them back is a pain in the ass. Obviously I’m not a very fast learner…

Yesterday, I bought two. Was a teeny bit embarrassed when the store owner asked if the children’s’ books were gifts, and I said no:

Drawings from the day. The writings on top, directions mostly, were from my first night in Buenos Aires though, more than two weeks ago.

Santi has his own page in my book. The wait at the bank was long so he taught me a little bit of Spanish in an attempt to save my sorry ass. Even the Chinese lady in the nearby supermercado (supermarket) continually expresses surprise that I don’t know Spanish. XD

Anyway, I thought that my birthday was going smoothly in terms of uneventful-ness, but I remembered that Creepy Doll might be in my apartment, because the film crew that has been shooting around the area had to re-shoot a scene in the room next door, and he is a prop.

So there I was, tiptoe-ing in the living room, peering cautiously into the room next to mine to ensure that Creepy Doll wasn’t there. Once I saw that both areas were clear, I opened my sliding door AND CREEPY DOLL WAS SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Am not proud to admit that I gave this really horrible scream/shout, and half-ran to the office down the corridor to get help. I was crying, because the shock was so great after letting my guard down that my body probably intensified my reaction. And laughing, because this situation was hilarious. But then again, I laugh at everything. I think the people in the office will probably remember me as this hysterical girl who was crying and laughing at the same time, babbling about a doll in the room.

Santi finally got what I was trying to say, and brought Creepy Doll out of my room and into the office. There he lies in all his creepy glory:

Meet Jack (according to Niv) a.k.a. Crash Test Dummy a.k.a. Creeps-the-hell-out-of-me-doll. On to better sights, that’s Pepa curled up in front of him. I love her.

Santi also told everyone in the office that it was my birthday yesterday, so I got birthday wishes! Hahaha looks like my birthday still managed to be pretty exciting after all. :P


  • shasha

    Happy Belated Birthday, LARLING!!! <3<3<3
    Glad you had an uneventful one… just as you wanted it to be. Lol.

    Yes, Buenos Aires is beautiful! Much more beautiful than LA!!!
    Sigh, you're never returning to SG are you? Hahahaha.

    I laughed my head off at that dummy thing. Poor Chong XDDD *pats*
    But yes, he does look damn creepy ( = ___ = )

    Is Santi the guy whom I was hiding from when we were Skyping? :D Hahaha.
    Okay, you must speak some Spanish to me! I'll just nod my head in response, but whatever la yeah. I just want to hear you speak it! ;)

    Take care!!! :DDDD

    • ✿ren

      THANK YOU LARLNG!!!! ♥♥♥


      Nope you’ve never sen Santi before, but Niv (the guy you were hiding from) says he’s butthurt. I’m paraphrasing though. :P

      NO I NO SPEAKING ESPANOL AHHH, can only mutter random phrases like a broken robot. OTL

    • shasha

      HAHA, I’m glad we are more important than your home toilet!!!! XDDD

      Ah, sorry Niv.
      LOL. “Butthurt” is good though! ;)

      And broken Chinese doll robot which mutters Spanish! Awesome whut! XDDDDD

  • Everlind

    Whoaaaa- I love how you keep track of your travels in Argentina in a little sketch book!

    Lovely pictures, as always. You have such a good eye for details and colors, they always bring along such a load of atmosphere. I take about 200 pictures from the same thing and if I am VERY lucky one is sorta half-way okay XD I do admit I don’t practice NEARLY enough :p

    Again Happy Birthday <3

    *kicks the Creepy doll*

    • ✿ren

      Ahaha I figured it’s time to actually start using the sketchbooks I’ve been buying like crazy in LA… XDD

      Thank you! And nooo I love the pictures you take! (what few you post though :P) TAKE MOAR PLEASE! =3

      *thanks you fervently for being my hero* TwT♥

  • pueyz

    Hola Chica!

    Let’s learn Spanish tgr when u come back!! Been wanting to learn that to go Latin Am. for the longest time! Woah, rr, graffiti and bookstores in Argentina! So yr thing! No Wonder u love it!

    Love yr book of travel sketches too! Have nv seen u draw architecture and life as they are b4! They are so nice!!

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