Black White & Repeat

I’ve been daring to wear more black and white outfits recently, a departure from my comfort zone of too-many-colours. Simple black and white rarely appealed to me until I acquired this Bec & Bridge Bitter & Twisted Textured Top, the tactile texture of it so captive of my interest that I’ve been experimenting with different looks as often as my need for clean clothes would allow. It’s been such an eye-opener to realise just how essential white is to any wardrobe. I own too many shades of grey, possibly a portrayal of my tendency to sit on the fence over a lot of things, paralysed by the ability of seeing the good and bad in too many issues. Perhaps it’s time to swing to the extremes more often.

There is a certain elegance to it, after all.

Bec & Bridge textured white crop top, Cotton On black maxi skirt with pockets, Gap black rim glasses, Osewaya the little mermaid earrings studs from JRunway, black socks and white platform sandals from Taobao.

Zip up back of Bec & Bridge textured white crop top.

Close up of Ren's face- Gap black rim glasses, Osewaya the little mermaid earrings studs from JRunway.My face! This photo triggered memories when I realised that it captures an expression resembling that on the cover of Ella Enchanted, one of my earliest book hooks. It was one story that I went back to time and again, and still do, partly because I’ve always been a sucker for fairytales and therefore their reinterpretations. However, the movie nearly killed me. The only other time I’ve been so angry at a movie was for Avatar: The Last Airbender (and trust me, its white-washing was the least of my concerns).

Close up of Osewaya the little mermaid earrings studs from JRunway.The Little Mermaid is another one that I watch over and over again. I was surprised when I recently found out that a friend did not know that the Disney film originated from darker material. Then again, I had free reign over books I borrowed from the library as a kid,  and there’s no prizes for correctly guessing what I was prone to picking out.


Top from Bec & Bridge c/o Shopbop
Skirt from Cotton On
Glasses from Gap
Mermaid earrings from Osewaya c/o JRunway
Socks from Taobao
Platform sandals from Taobao

Photos assisted by Mum.

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