Black Heart, White Leaves

Random title is random.

Anyway, this picture is my newest profile pic on FB. Has been for some time now. Seven more outfit posts!!! Although I’d probably be in Japan before I’m done with the backlog… OTL

✿ white skull tee: gift (threadless)
✿ black shiny skirt: m)phosis
✿ black leggings: online
✿ black flats: gift (cotton on)
✿ orange cloth bag: handed down from Aunty Serene
✿ blue & white hairband: gift (made by Huiz)

Disclaimer, the lallang I was holding was already broken when I found it.

Looking stupid while I pretend to be in some sort of alternate universe where lallangs work like dandelions XDD

Probably sad-facing because my bangs kept poking into my eyes. But really, sad!face is kinda my default look. I have baby pictures to prove it.


Great things that happened today:

+ Received Senpai’s and my Japan Rail Pass, home-delivery from Ta.Q.Bin!
+ Solved the annoying problem of animation’s audio not syncing with my video! And significantly reduced the ridiculous file size :D
+ Saw Shorty, love of my life, via Skype! ♥

She’s such a beauty <3


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