Bird Plane Lunch Box

It’s been a while since my hair legitimately classifies as ‘long’, so I decided to try doing that top bun thing that was all the rage in Tokyo when I visited in 2005. Yes, slowpoke is slow. Unfortunately, my result was less a top bun and more of a high bun… that unraveled itself because my hair is determined to revert to its default state of ‘straight’. Ah well.

// Uniqlo camisole
// Forever21 denim shorts, feather earrings
// Urban Outfitters lace-ups
// Old Navy superman lunch box

If only I had Clark Kent’s hair-staying power. XD


  • Mary

    Love those yellow shoes! And the natural state of your hair is pretty; you are lucky. The natural state of my hair these days is something akin to a banshee. Also, love all the posting you’ve been doing lately! :)

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