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✿ Lightning dress: Robot Ninjas
✿ Cream lace top: The Silhouette (Japan)
✿ Red leggings (70 denier): 3Dots (Sarawak)
✿ Brown concealed heels: Muji
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz
✿ Red bronze bus necklace: birthday gift from Ade & Puey a few years ago

I loved watching Earthworm Jim before going to school. Ti and I would sing along to the theme song; we didn’t know all the words or what they meant at the time, but the ending was dramatic enough– Earthworm, earthworm, earthworm, earthworm Jim, hooray for JIMMMMM!!!! <3

(I have no idea what relevance that paragraph has to this post…)

But oh, something of relevance. A middle-aged woman was taking a break from her job at a hairdressing saloon when I was taking some photos, and she asked me where I got my red leggings from when I walked by her. Then I started talking to her, and one thing led to another and I got a lobang for the chairs from the saloon! But I haven’t yet made good on the deal because I have no accessible mode of transport… am not sure if they’re gone by now. OTL

After that, Tintin mentioned how easily I talk to strangers. Eh really??? I’ve always thought that I’m an introvert. Look at how I’ve started actively going to events organised by classmates only after I’ve graduated and all…


  • shasha

    I agree with Tintin. You do, you know (:
    And I LOVE EARTHWORM JIM! We used to have the game to play on PC.

    “Earthworm Jim, he rockets through the sky~”

    And nice clothes and wall! Where is this wall? Wakakaka.

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