Azi & Darwis: A Wedding

I went to Shasha’s eldest sister’s wedding last month. It was my first time to a Malay wedding, so I was pretty excited. I wasn’t familiar with what to do at a Malay wedding, but thanks to the internet and being with Shasha and Sal, our time spent at the wedding was without any faux pas. Whew! Anyway, we got there and the decoration was just so pretty:

At Azi & Darwis' wedding.

Artsy and colourful reception table at Azi & Darwis' wedding.The artsy and colourful reception table. That’s Shasha’s handrawn portrait of the wedded couple in the background. How cool is that?!

Instax photo of Ruru, Ren, and Sal next to congratulatory messages on the guestbook of Azi & Darwis' wedding. Photo by Ruru.The guestbook with our messages and an Instax photo they took of every guest! Sal’s handwriting is so pretty I am jelly at being unable to transcend beyond block letters. *w*
Photo by Ruru.

Family photo with the wedded couple at Azi & Darwis' wedding.The good-looking family portrait!

Buffet table at Azi & Darwis' wedding.Buffet table. Almost everything was spicy, which is not unexpected of typical Malay cuisine, but dayum was it tasty.

Dessert table at Azi & Darwis' wedding.The dessert table, otherwise known as the place where dreams come true.

Rose macarons and cupcakes by the Cake Anthem at Azi & Darwis' wedding.Petal Pink & Burgundy Macarons with Strawberry Buttercream surrounding a Petal Pink Cake, and a few Cupcake Bouquets– all tirelessly baked by Att, one half of the duo that is The Cake Anthem. The other half is Azi, the bride. :D

Let it be known that I could not get enough of those strawberry macarons; those delicious, delicately-crumbly pieces are as yet, the best macarons I’ve ever had. Let’s just say that if I had my way with them, I’d probably get diabetes.

Mini rose cupcake by The Cake Anthem at Azi & Darwis' wedding.Close-up of the cupcake that made up the bouquet.

Heaping pineapple tarts onto our dessert plate at Azi & Darwis' wedding.Sal and I went to get desserts for the four of us at the end of the day, and the generous uncle and aunties (who made them) were relentless in heaping these desserts onto our plate!

Dessert plate at Azi & Darwis' wedding.We wound up with probably twice the number of desserts that we initially went to get. XD

Selfie of Sal, Shasha, Ruru, and Ren at Azi & Darwis' wedding.Sal, Shasha, Ruru, and me. Crazy friends.

OOTD: Forever 21 polka dot chiffon top, Accessorize swallow belt, light pink chiffon skirt.Here’s a partial outfit photo, because sometimes gratuitous pictures of myself do not happen.

Once again, congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you for the invitation!!! ♥


Forever 21 top
Accessorize belt

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