ARR! Those Crazies.

Wow it feels like such a long time since the three of us got together and took crazy photos of ourselves. The last ones that I remember was when we visited the exhibits of the Singapore Biennale 2006.

Here be megabytes of .gif animations:


And Facebook repercussions:


And since we’re on the topic of my life-long inability to adapt to society’s rules of being awake at certain times of the day:

Me: Wah still making samosa?!??!?
Shasha: Just finished, going to bed cos i need to feed my cats at 5am. Booooo. Good night!
Me: Siao siao ok gd night and selamat hari raya for reals!!!! :DDD
Shasha: Hehe, thank you and please stop being nocturnal. Hahaha. Nights! :D

Yuunsama: Omg ur still awake. Go sleep! Im having insomnia and my cough is keeping me awake so i have an excuse. What’s urs?
Me: I am addicted to the Internet. Perfectly legit okay :P

But seriously, I’ve always had trouble sleeping and waking early. I still remember lying on my mattress at night and staring up at streaks of light streaming through the vents at the top of the bedroom door while Ti had long ago ventured blissfully into dreamland beside me. It was in the old house so I must have been five or younger.

Thanks to my insomnia, I also witnessed an old man attempt suicide by jumping off a bridge when I was ten… never did find out if he survived or not despite scouring through the next few days’ newspapers, but I stared out of the window for a long while observing cars drive slowly around the body and he never moved from the ground.

I have no idea how this post took a depressing turn. Haha!

Anyway, it’s been a fun but tiring weekend. Pretty photos and fangirl-ing in another six more or so posts. Excited!


  • Mary

    I have always been a night owl too and really struggled whenever I’ve had jobs or school that required me to get up early…because I still tend to stay up late. Everyone kept telling me that would change as I got older, but it hasn’t yet. Just the way I’m wired, I guess. I would love it if regular business hours started at noon. Also, cute gifs:)

    • shasha

      Yup, you’re shining so much that I’m practically blinded. Good job :p

      And oei, *points to comment above mine* let it be known that I have never accused night-dwellers of being lazy either. Just try to be more human. Otherwise when I ask you out, you’re always sleepy! D;

    • ✿ren

      I would say “Moist Von Lipwig!”, but you don’t read Terry Pratchett. :(

      Erm I wasn’t accusing you ah, it’s mainly my pa who says that. ^^;
      But the sun is so hot it saps energy la! Can’t you feel energy evaporating… OTL

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