Arizona: Grand Canyon

Our original trip to the Grand Canyon was cancelled the day before, due to the 100% chance of precipitation. But Ade wouldn’t have any of that, and we managed to book another trip which said they would go, rain or shine.

And so we woke up the next day just as the sun was beginning to rise:

Our tour package included a little bit of breakfast. Spottled, yellow, curved-shaped fruit was brought over from Los Angeles though. :P

Scenery en route to the Grand Canyon, a.k.a. Arizona’s Famous Crack In The Earth:

Looks like our precipitation turned white and fluffy. XDD

We had vouchers for entrance to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and for lunch at the ranch.

We had to store all personal belongings in the lockers before entering the Skywalk, but here’s a picture of the Skywalk if you haven’t been to the wiki page yet.

And a picture of us by their professional photographers at the Skywalk, with funky slippers over our shoes to protect the clarity of the glass we were walking on.

This was generally how my face looked at the Grand Canyon. Ade said I needed sunglasses to shield my eyeballs from the wind. I had to concur.

Note Ade’s open-toed flats. WE WERE SO UNDERDRESSED.

And my favourite part of visiting the Grand Canyon:

We were very amused by Ade’s attempts at getting the horse she was petting to be photogenic.

I was afraid of them. They were gigantic horses. And the horse I molested, eyed me like it was smarter than it seemed to be letting on. But I’ve always loved my shaggy-maned, generously-endowed, hooved beasts, so.

Pictorial evidence to justify my totally unexaggerated description of how monstrous in size these horses were. XDD

The people at the ranch let us take photographs sitting upon a placid, short horse for free. We had to sign a liability form first though. I noticed that the horse’s right eye was cast in a film of white, and I wondered aloud if it had cataracts. Do horses get cataracts? Apparently they do.

And then we headed out of the canyon and onto the Hoover Dam. But first, a stopover:

Hoovering at the dam.

Photos without the watermark were taken by Ade.


  • Mary

    Wow. Really great photos! I’ve never been there. Your photos look pretty much how it looks in the movies. Was that your first time on a horse?

    • ✿ren

      Hehe, thank you! I attribute most of what you see to my friend’s hardy Canon point and shoot. :D

      Also, oddly enough, that was my third time on a horse. I have photographic evidence of sitting on a pygmy horse at the zoo when I was a toddler (I chose the pygmy over the normal-sized one because it was cuter, silly me).

      And I still get sweaty palms when I remember my second time on horseback up a mountain in China as a child. My horse decided to peer over the gravelly road and contemplate the meaning of life over hundreds (thousands?) of feet high. It took some coaxing to get it out of its suicidal path and back onto life sweet life. XDD

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