Angel Shout-out

Hallo from Los Angeles!

Have been quite overwhelmed by various pre-departing activities as well as traveling fifteen plus hours back in time, but now that I’m here, I miss home already.

You can tell how bad a state I’m in when I didn’t take a single picture today.



    • ✿ren

      I haven’t found the energy to catch up on blogs recently (or rather, the past month or so). My apologies!
      Thank you so much for your concern! I’m trying to acclimatise myself to the culture here, and having no one else to depend on in an unfamiliar place makes me want to go home where it’s safer sometimes. :(

      Regarding your previous comment, Malay is the national language of Singapore– even our national anthem is in Malay! But I think most people from my generation can only understand a small handful of Malay vocabulary (other than the Singaporean Malays of course.) Most of the time, you can hear me saying “Tatau…” when my Malay friends converse among themselves in Malay. ^^;

      It’s just that English is our official language, so everyone learns that starting from primary school. In secondary school, we are given the option to take up a third language (English is first, our mother tongue is second– being ethnically Chinese, mine of of course Mandarin). Some of my classmates took up Malay as a third language. :)

  • Bernie W.

    Hey, Ren, I found your website/blog a few months ago, and have really enjoyed looking at the drawings in your portfolio and the animations and photos you post from time to time.

    I actually live in Los Angeles and would love to help you out with adjusting to the city, but I’m leaving town this Saturday for the start of my next semester in college. Still, if you have questions about anything, like trying to figure out our mishmash of a bus system, send me an e-mail and I’ll try to help you out: manorcal AT gmail dot com.

    Enjoy your time in the States, Ren, and good luck with your internship!

  • Mary

    What a long flight! Glad to hear you made it safely across the sea. I know you’re probably super busy settling in and adjusting to your new schedule, but if you get a second, stop by my blog today (hint hint).

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