Andong: Maskdance Festival

Herm, Fel, Fi, Ottie and I went to the Andong Maskdance Festival on my last weekend in Korea. It is, as its namesake, an event celebrating masks and dances from all over the world.






IMG_8683The Little Prince and me. And that’s a masked Shrek in the background.

IMG_8598Ottie being derp after finding his bovine equivalent.

IMG_8663Also we realise Ottie’s true age.

[edit] Ottie said that the above photo made him look rude, and he bade me post this photo instead:

IMG_8604A real wedding ceremony was held on the main grounds. People were even crying with joy.


IMG_8675Herm, Fi, and Ottie got lemonades, while I spent the best five minutes of my life making the owner’s baby laugh in his pram. He could have been a buddha for all I know, lying so serenely in his pram; whenever he giggled, which was often, it felt as though stars were falling. He was so precious. I hope I feel about my future kids the way I felt when I spent that five precious minutes with him. ♥♥♥

IMG_8668This kind shopkeeper offered me a huge piece of laver just because. :D

IMG_8686Corn dogs in Korea are the most insulated dogs I’ve ever had.

IMG_8718The lot of us met up with Mark & Beth, and we got tickets for a traditional masked performance. There were various acts for just S$2, but we left early after about half an hour of not understanding them. The performances had live instruments and the gags were pretty much understandable. However, I still couldn’t figure out what exactly I was watching despite the brochure’s summaries in English that was given out. It was entertaining to see that one act where the father and child tricked the gods though.

IMG_8727It was pretty surreal seeing the old couple in front of us wear a hanbok and a suit. They were so classy.


IMG_8716Fi had a date with Batman!

IMG_8711While I ended up in the arms of some suspicious person. XD

IMG_8731This was outside the grounds. I thought it was cute though. The text says[天下大将军]in Mandarin, though that probably could be read in Korean as well, meaning ‘the greatest general in the world’.


Outfit details
Forever 21 dress
Dr. Martens boots
T-shirt & Jeans bag
Photos of me taken by Ottie.

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