AFA 2010

I went on the first day (13th November) of Anime Festival Asia this year, together with the girls (and boy) from Animation. Aidan was the exception to the Girls Only rule in this outing because he is a Shoujo Boy and wanted to ogle at the Butler Cafe like the rest of the girls. XDD

Also, the dress theme was Black and White. Or any colour as long as you wore boots. As you can see, I clearly failed both themes; had lost interest in the seventy-five replies in the email thread after everyone pitched in ideas, and gleaned the wrong information because I am asocial and cockeyed like that… OTL

Anyway, group shot before I stole Shasha away for myself.

The girls were going gaga over celebrity cosplayer KANAME☆, so of course I had to take photos of him for them. :P

He’s cosplaying Gauche Suede from Tegami Bachi. I’m a dinosaur in the anime fandom, so it was good to have Shasha by my side. XDD

Ta-Q-Bin guys were giving out cute yellow goodie bags (nothing much inside, save for the company brochures, but the bags were cute), and Danny Choo’s car in the background (according to Shasha– she’s an awesome guide!).

The area behind the butler’s cafe and maid’s cafe.

Ninja sniper!!!!!!!!!! FRIGGIN’ AWESOME.

We breaked for lunch, and everyone was tired because we’d been there since the event opened:

Samm dozing off after her meal.

And then it was back to the event!

The video shown on the screen is a lagged recording, and you had to view it through the glasses for the 3D effect. I thought this was a cute shot. XDD

AFA car.

Bleach playing against Naruto. XDD

Amazing One Piece figurines!

Pretty~~ *_*

Shasha and her cosplayer friend (Naruto).

I think artists who cosplay are awesome. *w*

Shasha’s friend Raid was the one who recognised this shiny pair as the winter version of Vocaloid.

The both of them were so pretty, and their costume had lights blinking all over the place, which was awesome!

I always love seeing the Kamen Rider cosplayers at cons even though I know nuts about the series. XDD

Also, I saw one of them remove his helmet in one corner (he was sweating buckets and someone helped him to mop his face) and he turned out to be a middle-aged man. UNCLE YOU ARE SO COOL!!!

This trio was hands down my favourite costumed people at the event. I couldn’t stop squee-ing over them! THEY ARE MADE OF WIN. XDD

SK next to the giant Chopper figurine (One Piece). Cute!

XinH helped Shasha and I to take this photo against the super cute that is Domo-kun~

Another one.

And a few more.

I was so excited to spot Hunter x Hunter! Too bad there’s no Gon. That amazing series has gone downhill– what with the hiatus and ant arc and all– but the front part is still awesome. I need to re-read it again. =3

Anyway, her Killua was so cool! According to SY (who said that this awesome person was her friend), we should have seen her in the morning because she’d had her phone stolen and had a real killer aura. ^^;

Very pretty~

No idea who, but I thought she looked pretty cool with that awesome guitar. :D

Lucky Star!

One more group shot before we went home.

My haul from the event– Elizabeth cap (Gintama), Sougo eye mask (Gintama), and ANBU mask (Naruto).

This is me trying to act cool. :P

The enigmatic mask, and the red stain on my right boob area from the event stamp that refused to dry. The kicker was that I specially asked the guy with the red stamp to stamp my other arm to match the blue one on my left. :(

Also, I got that wound on my right index finger from opening the tab from a carton of milk. In the words of Ade, I’m super lame. OTL

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