Acid Nails & Garbage Bags

This shiny skirt was bought during a sale at M)phosis when I went out with Ade and Puey. I love how the instructions specifically say ‘Do Not Iron’. Definitely right up my alley! And then Puey and I inspected the skirt further while Ade tried on stuff, and when we turned it inside out, Puey remarked, “What’s this piece of cloth? It looks like a pocket.” And I was like, “No la, can’t be, the skirt doesn’t even have lining.”

Well it turned out that Puey was right! Although the pockets are rather hard to find, so it’s inadvisable to store stuff you need to whip up at a short notice. Such as your EZ link card.

✿ salmon shirt: handed down from Tintin
✿ shiny garbage bag skirt: m)phosis
✿ peppermint leggings (70 denier): 3Dots
✿ grey flower hair clip: gift (Bangkok)
✿ pink & black beaded necklace: Japan
✿ red & black rattan bangles: from an old man in Sarawak’s longhouse
✿ brown shoes: gift (trendyzone)

I was sitting on the fence about my experimental nails, but so far everyone liked it, so it made me feel better about it. Vader even said that it looked cool when I excitedly showed it to him. It surprised me, because I was kinda aiming for a horrified, lol what did you do lulz response that we could joke about. :P


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