A Whole Day of Comics

We went to visit Lix and 冒冷汗 because it so happened that we were bored in town and Singapore’s first ever 24 hour comics event (organised by OIC) was on that day, so why not kaypoh a bit and give support?

Our dress theme was pink, and Lix happened to wear pink too! So we got the lonely grey-clad 冒冷汗 to take photos for us. :P

Tintin, Me, Shasha, and Lix. Photos taken by 冒冷汗.

I loved the dramatic lighting! Sneakshot of Sonny and someone else at the venue.

Here have the FB convo accompanying the above picture:

✿ Pink seamstress shirt: gift (Shanghai)
✿ Turquoise printed skirt: Far East Plaza
✿ Purple leggings: gift (London)
✿ Brown mary janes: gift (Trendyzone)

Speaking of OIC, I’ve just found out that I got featured in the OIC blog about the portrait drawing that I went to in June! *speechless*

Here is the link.

That was the first time I went to the OIC monthly portrait drawing sessions, and I remember being very intimidated by the insanely talented people, and very stressed out because we only had 20 minutes to sketch each person. After each session, we would hang our pieces up behind, and if the sitter liked it, they would purchase each drawing for $10. For some reason I sold two… o_O

I haven’t been there since, mainly because the atmosphere there was so intense that it scared me. Someday though! Or perhaps I’d simply resume my leisurely MRT/cafe sketchings. I miss that.


  • Lemonzest

    hi ren,,
    you have great photos with your friends and my fav is the las photo. haha it’s so funny..
    btw you have unique and special style of fashion..
    i dont know how to represent it.. i just can conclude that it is you.
    haha.. so hard to say..
    happy, colourful, girly, casual and cute..

  • shasha

    Oh oh! Your posts are getting pretty recent!

    ZOMG at our flirting ;3

    And please bring me with you the next time you go to OIC! :D

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