Outfit photo of Jac and Deb.

70-200 mm was Far Away

Ryan broke out the office camera one day. It didn’t take long before Deb and I got our grubby little hands all over it (after asking for permission, of course). We went to this little nook Ryan had told us about and, well, guess what we did:

Outfit photo of Ren credit to Deb.

Outfit photo of Ren credit to Deb.

Ren's close-up photo, credit to Deb.

Outfit photo of Ren's hot pink lamper Dr. Martens, credit to Deb.

Outfit photo of Jac.

Outfit photo of Jac and Deb.My stylish friends!

After that, we got politely kicked out of the place because the inhabitants deemed us ‘too distracting’. It really does seem like the three of us manage some sort of trespassing anywhere we go. ^^;

Lastly, here’s what happens when you have highly interested individuals (namely Deb and I) molesting a very sexy camera and lens at the office:

Deb being cool in the office.Deb being cool at work.

Jac being sick in the office.Jac being sick at work.

Aless working in the office.Aless being busy at work.

Ryan being goofy in the office.Ryan being goofy at work.

Ryan's curly hair.Plus his buddha hair.

Taylor eating in the office.Taylor being nommy at work.

Resident parrot being parrot in the office.Parrot being parrot at work.

CY and Jeff re-acquainting in the office.CY visited for a bit, and we couldn’t not commemorate his reunion with Jeff.

Ren at work in the office.And me.


Cotton On high-low shirt
Forever21 shorts, earrings
Uniqlo HEATTECH knit tights
Dr. Martens hot pink lamper boots

Credits to Deb for photos of me!

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