You’d Still Not Know Me Any Better

Today, I was looking through photos from when I was in Buenos Aires, and realised that I’d taken a couple of outfit photos in front of a bit of leftover film props:

✿ rust floor cardigan, mint dress, jacket: forever21
✿ shorts, knee-high socks: forever21
✿ slate boyfriend cardigan: target
✿ scarf, tights: online
✿ shoes: levi’s (via ross)

✿ long sleeved top: uniqlo
✿ rust floor cardigan, knee-high socks: forever21
✿ skirt: zara (buenos aires)
✿ shoes: levi’s (via ross)

And, a couple of months back when one of the places I report to here in the US had a small get-together; we had to play a game of divulging one professional goal, one personal, and one silly fact. The cards would then be shuffled and passed around to be read aloud, and the reader would have to guess who wrote the card.

These were mine, with a storyboard I was working on in the background. Obviously, I’m not very proficient in pouring out my heart and soul; or at least in a serious manner. ^^;


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