Wordcloud 2018 01 Messages

Wordclouds: January Conversations

I came across this link to a post charting a couple’s relationship through their messages and thought that it’d be fun to do something similar between Ottie and myself. Unfortunately, we’re not that good at keeping records of our chats, so I decided to pick out the month of January to see what words we used most often:

Wordcloud 2018 01 Messages

I input our conversations into Word It Out and set the cloud to display words that had a minimum frequency of 3. In the end, it still wound up having to discard a bunch of words because we talked too much:

Wordcloud 2018 01 Parameters

Wordcount 2018 01He’s the chatty one.

Us having different work schedules means that we don’t get to spend a lot of time together – I’m usually gone in the morning, while he’s gone at night. We try to meet up for a meal during the day or take the train home together to make up for it though, which is why train stations ‘City Hall’ and Somerset’ show up on my cloud, and my propensity for staying in the office trying to reply to just one more email is also why Ottie’s frequent words are ‘Waiting’, Here’, and ‘Late’. Oops.

What I found most interesting was that I used the words ‘Shit’ and ‘Pee’ enough for them to show up on my cloud, but while ‘Shit’ was used metaphorically…

Wordclouds 2018 01 Convo 1

… I did make it a habit to overshare the state of my bladder with Ottie:

Wordclouds 2018 01 Convo 2

For anyone wondering, we totally gave the german word ‘Liebe‘ cancer:

Wordclouds 2018 01 Convo 3Other variations include ‘Leebens’ and ‘Liebies’. Random fact – we were super tempted to change both our surnames to ‘Liebens’ when we registered our marriage, but wussed out after considering how much administrative work we’d find ourselves in just for kicks.

That’s all!

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